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Swedish Meat Balls


Romania (Cezar, “It’s My Life“)

Wow!  That’s a higher note than I was expecting… Awful. Worst song of the show.

Serbia (Moje 3, “Ljubav je svuda“)

Might be a dark horse, good dance song with a memorable chorus.  My pick in the office sweepstake, so I’ve got £2 on this one.

Russia (Dina Garipova, “What If“)

A big ballad that pulls on all the right heart strings. Will pick up a lot of votes, especially from any neighbours fearing potential invasion.

Sweden (Robin Stjernberg, “You“)

The host nation won by a country mile last year, possibly due to weak competition.  They won’t have it so easy this time around with a much stronger spread of quality songs.

Slovenia (Hannah, “Straight Into Love“)

Catchy song, a good performance could get this into the top ten.

San Marino (Valentina Monetta, “Crisalide (Vola)“)

I had to explain to someone at work that this was a real country and show them where it was. It would seem that San Marino need to work on their PR if they want to win Eurovision.

Ukraine (Zlata Ognevich, “Gravity“)

The song is nothing special, but everyone will be talking about the giant man on stage.  Bound to pick up extra votes for just that reason.

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Norwegian Salmon

Salmon Dinner

Macedonia (Esma and Lozano, “If I Could Change the World“)

Messy song, never really gets going.

Malta (Gianluca, “Tomorrow“)

Bruno Mars inspired song that might struggle to make the final.  Perhaps if Malta had given some points to Sonia in 1993 they could rely on some more UK votes… just saying…

Netherlands (Anouk, Birds“)

In a surprise twist, the episode of Dr Who that will be moved due to Eurovision going out on a Saturday night features the storyline where this song falls through a hole in the space/time continuum from Eurovision 1963.

Norway (Margaret Berger, “I Feed You My Love“)

Bjork meets t.a.t.u, making this one of the year’s top contenders to win.

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Latvian Cheese


Lithuania (Andrius Pojavis, “Something“)

Sounds like The Scorpions covering Depeche Mode and doesn’t sound half as bad as that implies. Nice little song, that won’t get as many points as it deserves.

Latvia (PeR, “Here We Go“)

Like an early 90s boy band with obligatory ‘John Barnes’ quality of rapping.

Moldova (Aliona Moon, “O mie“)

Good song, well performed but could get overshadowed depending where it ends up in the running order.

Montenegro (Who See, “Igranka“)

Awesome dubstep entry, with a male vocalist who sounds like the guy from Aqua. If there’s any justice in the world this will win and they will become huge international stars. Unfortunately, neither of these things will happen.

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Irish Stew


Ireland (Ryan Dolan, “Only Love Survives“)

The greatest Eurovision nation of all time, according to the stats.  Decent song, though the word on the street is that Ryan struggles when singing live.

Israel (Moran Mazor, “Rak bishvilo“)

Girl singing a slow ballad that’s likely to get forgotten by the time the viewers are texting their votes in.

Iceland (Eythor Ingi, “Ég á líf“)

Guy singing a slow ballad that’s likely to get forgotten by the time the viewers are texting their votes in.

Italy (Marco Mengoni, “L’essenziale“)

The prodigal son of the ‘big’ Eurovision nations.  After sitting out the show for over a decade, Italy have only recently re-joined the contest.  Might still be a few more years before they find their feet, if this country-style entry is anything to go by.

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Greek Yoghurt


Georgia (Nodi Tatishvili and Sophie Gelovani, “Waterfall“)

End credits of a Disney movie.

Greece (Koza Mostra feat. Agathon Iakovidis, “Alcohol Is Free“)

Greece put out some great dance anthems when they choose to, sounding contemporary and also scoring well in Eurovision.  They do poorly when they enter something a bit weird and ‘traditionally Greek’ sounding.  This is the latter.

Croatia (Klapa s Mora, “Mižerja“)

Operatic in places, a bit like “Barcelona” for the 1990 World Cup.  The judges might like it but I don’t know if the audience will.

Hungary (ByeAlex, “Kedvesem“)

Aparently this is a ‘Zoohacker’ remix.  Not sure if that’s improved this at all, they seem to have added the sounds of a theremin or maybe an AM radio being tuned in.

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Finnish Liquorice


Spain (ESDM, “Contigo hasta el final“)

Are they bagpipes…?  No, they really sound like bag pipes…

Finland (Krista Siegfrids, “Marry Me“)

Ah, Finland – my second home!  Can Krista ‘do a Lordi?’ and give me an excuse to go back to Helsinki? Maybe not, but it’s not as if I need an excuse to go back again!

France (Amandine Bourgeois, “L’enfer et moi“)

France, like Spain, buy their way in to the final.  That’s the only way this would get there otherwise.

UK (Bonnie Tyler, “Believe in Me“)

Believe in me?  Every year I do, and every year it doesn’t happen.  Why do we keep entering? Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t. Uh-huh?

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Belgian Buns


Belgium (Roberto Bellarosa, “Love Kills“)

I like this, it reminds me of Savage Garden a bit.  The ‘Love kills, over and over’ chorus does tend to go… well, over and over and over… but that’s 3 minute pop songs for you.

Bulgaria (Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankulov, “Samo shampioni“)

Bleepy electro pop that won’t translate well for the more Westerly countries.

Belarus (Alyona Lanskaya, “Solayoh“)

The Belarusian Holly Valance.  Make your own judgement on that.

Switzerland (Takasa2, “You and Me“)

Like all Swiss entries since Celine Dion, nothing about this song hints at the country it is supposed to be representing. I know there’s nothing in the rules that say it has to, but shouldn’t it sound at least a little bit… well, more Swiss?

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