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Surprisingly, to me anyway, I’ve recently been reading the Harry Potter books. I’ve seen all eight movies and enjoyed them, they’re a bit of fantasy fluff to pass the time on a Bank Holiday afternoon. The only exception being the first part of Deathly Hallows, in which nothing happens to progress the story and everything in it is just preamble leading up to the last film.

The books however, have never really appealed to me. As an adult, I can still enjoy children’s books (Moomins, The Hobbit, The Adventures of Major Tom and Oddball) but only in short doses. When the page count clocks in at four digits then I lose interest. As it happens though, the Potter books are free to download to Kindle via the Amazon Prime lending library. This has made it easier for me to justify to myself spending a bit more time in Hogwarts.

I zipped through Philosopher’s Stone in no time and although the imagery in my head is coloured by the movies, I still found it a good read. Now that I’m halfway through Chamber of Secrets I’m finding my reading rate slowing a little. I think I can probably manage another book of this length, but then I’ll need to dip into something totally different in style. Just to add some variety to my reading. It’ll be getting close to Xmas by then, so maybe something festive.

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Holding Out For A Hero


In the movies, the books and the video games – there’s always a hero to save the day. Like Link rescuing Hyrule or Clint Eastwood strolling out of the Wild West wilderness to clean up a town, I enjoy the kind of story that hangs around these lone gunmen characters. In the same way that Jack Reacher does in Lee Child’s novels, they act as the unquestionable centre of moral righteousness within the plot. They highlight where there is wrongdoing and they instigate the change that fixes their world. The pilot of the solitary spaceship in the R-Type games flies from left to right erasing evil as he passes but his place as an irrefutable force for good is never challenged. Snuffkin may not swing a sword or pack a pistol but he strolls into the Moominvalley to open up minds and pull down signs. The tale of the hero is simple and old, probably harking back to the notion that there are only so many stories that can be told. Don’t get me wrong, for every Man With No Name there’s a Dirty Harry who clouds the waters with his dark past and his willingness to straddle the line between right and wrong. For me though, sometimes you just need your bad guys to be bad and your good guys to be, well – good.

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Smurf Warfare

Today I found myself wondering, would The Smurfs ever go to war? I don’t mean a civil war over ideologies or a revolution to overthrow the Communist dictatorship of ‘Old Red Pants’ himself, Papa Smurf. I mean a war with a nearby neighbour, and if so, what would drive them to take up arms – and would they ever strike first? They are historically a fiercely territorial race, reluctant to mix with other peoples and they go so far as to deny the location of their base of operations AKA The Smurf Village. They have been known to use force to repel anyone who enters their borders and it is now widely accepted by all but the Belgian government that Papa Smurf is in possession of chemical weaponry. Would he ever use those weapons to expand his domain? Who can say, but if I were a Snork or lived in the Moominvalley, I wouldn’t want to wait and find out.

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Jelly Sweets


Moomin jelly sweets, a natural part of a healthy diet (and no artificial flavours either)

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Where do little Moomins come from?


I never realised that Moomins laid eggs. Well, now I know!


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