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Hot Cuppa

I like coffee, though I wouldn’t call myself an expert. I understand that there is an art to understanding the best blends and the right way to serve it up, but I like having a hot drink that wakes me up in a morning.

I’m not a fan of the insipid, milky stuff that gets handed out at most high street chains. I prefer to taste the coffee rather than the stuff that’s been added to it. However, I’m not going to complain too much if it’s 7am in the morning, I’m stood on a train station platform and there’s nothing else available.

I try to keep my afternoon consumption down, ideally decaffeinated if I can get it and I really need a hot drink. None of this is to say I’m anti-tea, which is a more than adequate alternative. Just that I tend to associate coffee with getting ready to go do something and tea with sitting back to do nothing. Except maybe eat some cake…

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Today I was lucky enough to have achieved that fabled, fabulous and rare thing – booked a day off from work. In reality I get as many holiday days allocated to me as the next wage slave. However, as I needed to have 3 different kinds of eye test performed on me (long story) I thought that I may as well take the whole day off from work and spend some time doing… um…

Well, that’s the question isn’t it? What to do when my time is my own? As much fun as sprawling on the sofa/in bed can be, the inactivity makes me restless. Window shopping is fun, but I buy most things online these days (Windows shopping?) but it makes a change to flick through a rack of albums or Blu Rays. Lunch with the Sock Mistress is a bonus and so much nicer than a Tupperware lunchbox of sandwiches at my office desk.

The best thing about my day off though is just taking a break from the usual routine. Being able to take a coffee break when I want to take a coffee break. Not having to see the same faces on the train, answer the same kind of questions on the phone and not having to rush through the day bound by somebody else’s ticking clock. Today I haven’t even worn a watch and there’s something slightly liberating about that.

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Upon waking this morning the sound of the howling wind outside made me think that Dundee might have blown away overnight. Luckily the weather wasn’t quite as bad as it sounded, so a trip into town could be managed. When the rain came down there was thankfully a little coffee shop to hide in (@henryscoffee – follow them on Twitter and try their hot white chocolate). The main attraction of the day though was seeing the fantastic Discovery, spending its retirement in a purpose built dock. It’s incredible to look up at the boat then see pictures of it in the thick Antarctic ice and think about it being the very same one. Even on a damp day like today, you can’t help but be impressed.

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Positive Vibes

As August dissolves into September, I stepped out of the house today expecting a kind of melancholy to kick in with the end of the summer months. There was frost on the grass and for the first time in ages it was cold enough to see my breath in the air. However, my bus turned up on time, which was made a pleasant change. This got me to the train station early, which meant that I could get myself a coffee from the little shop on the station platform. When I reached for my change I realised that I had enough stamps on my loyalty card to get a free drink. To top it all off, the guy behind the counter even called me ‘Squire!’ I’m now full of positive vibes and looking forward to the weekend, even if it brings September with it.

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Finland, Finland, Finland

In a couple of months time I’ll be going on holiday to Finland, and not for the first time. Despite what the Pythons had to say about it, I’d choose Helsinki over any Belgian city without having to think twice. I’ve never managed to get to grips with the Finnish language, being barely able to order coffee and thank someone for it. However, luckily most people there are at least tri-lingual so I never have to go without my cup of Wayne’s (only the airports have Starbucks there). The sushi is always good and the daylight hours are long, when I’ll be there anyway, so I’m looking forward to my trip back up North.

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Travel Mugs

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There’s been a bit of fuss in the news recently about Starbucks UK and its attempt to roll out their US policy of using customer’s names. Since we are a naturally cynical breed here I don’t know if this will be well received. I don’t need my local coffee shop to pretend that we’re best buddies. Serving up a hot Americano with milk and maybe something sweet on the side will do me just fine. 

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