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Hawaiian Rollercoaster

I like Disney movies, I think its fair to say. As I grew up I loved the characters, the colours, the music and the adventures that typified the output from the House of Mouse. At some point between then and now my tastes became a little more sophisticated and I lost touch with those movies and the stories they told.

To be fair, they are children’s tales, made predominantly for them and those that usher them into cinemas, or buy DVD discs for them to watch at home. As I’ve got older, I’ve recently found myself gravitating back towards the family friendly films from Disney. Maybe because I don’t always want to be presented with some dark, impenetrable art-house flick, maybe because life is tiring and I just want to be sure of a singsong and a happy ending.

Lilo and Stitch is one of my favourite movies, as well as coincidentally being a Disney movie. It has lots of the anarchic slapstick humour that I used to love in Tom and Jerry cartoons. It also tells a really good story about how it can take a while to figure out where you fit into the world around you. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve watched and re-watched it, and to be honest, I don’t think I was ever keeping score.

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The Power Of Mordor

With the new Hobbit movie arriving in cinemas soon I decided to dust off my Lord of the Rings DVD trilogy and give myself a fix of Middle Earth action and adventures. I didn’t splash out on the Blu Rays, I’ve got the nice extended edition series that came with a set of miniature statutes – nothing’s going to top those.

It’s a while since I sat through the movies and in my head ‘Fellowship…’ is the one where they walk everywhere, ‘Towers…’ is the one where they run everywhere and ‘Return…’ is the one where they all sing. That’s a bit of an oversimplification but generally that’s the gist of things.

I remembered the middle film as being my favourite, with more action than the first and less Hobbo-eroticism between Sam and Frodo than the third. On rewatching them I think that’s still the case for me but I liked the CGI heavy battles in Return of the King a bit more this time. When I saw them originally I wasn’t particularly taken by them. The multiple endings for each set of characters might make for an anti-climatic finale, but it’s still worth the 9hr test of endurance to get there.

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Red Cape, Blue Tights

I’ve never been a huge fan of DC Comics in general, but in particular I’ve always found their lead character Superman to be especially uninspiring. In recent years, Superman has been eclipsed in the popular media by Batman, partly due to the successful movie franchise and partly because he’s a more complex and therefore interesting character. I don’t think Batman succeeds because the audience empathises with him, that’s something that creates Spider Man’s appeal. More people can relate to Peter Parker’s plucky underdog persona than Batman as a revenge driven vigilante or the invincible Christ figure that is Superman.

With yet another comic adaptation waiting in the wings in the form of Man of Steel, I have to wonder what story is left to tell that needs to be digitised and projected onto the silver screen? I think the reason Mr. Kent has never caught on with me is that you always know the ending with a Superman story – one way or another, he will prevail, it’s just a question of how many bystanders will be caught up along the way. They’re the only ones at risk from the villain of the week in every issue, Clark can’t be stopped (even death didn’t defeat him) so I find it hard to get excited when there’s no sense of peril and nothing for our hero to strive against. Maybe if he wasn’t as super, like in the old TV show when he couldn’t even fly, the spate of ever taller buildings being constructed might make it harder for him to leap over them in a single bound.

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As I write this I’m listening to the Tron Legacy soundtrack, having just watched the teaser trailer for the new Robocop movie remake. Both of the original films were favourites of mine in the 80s and in different ways they still stand up pretty well to this day.

When Tron was first released it was an exciting fantasy that gave an interpretation of what a digital world could actually look like. We now live in a digital world and there are less turbocycles and discus battles but the principals of the MCP live on in The Cloud.

Robocop always reminded me of the stark authoritarian world of the Judge Dredd comics. When Dredd finally did get his own film years later, it was a far cry from the violent satire of Robocop. However, Mega City One will be back on the big screen soon enough, so hopefully it will deserve a second bite of the cherry.

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Nobody Can Hear You

Since the new movie ‘Prometheus’ was released I’ve been wanting to re-watch the original four Alien films and see if they were as good as I remembered.

The first film, ‘Alien,’ is almost as old as I am, but has aged well. Only some of the rubber suited alien scenes at the end of the movie stand out as looking particularly dated. It’s probably not action packed enough for today’s audiences, but it’s still watchable.

Aliens is an all out action movie and is my personal favourite of the series. Lots more guns, lots more aliens and the extra scenes in the special edition were justifiably re-inserted.

Alien 3 is the only one I’ve ever seen at the cinema. The film went through numerous changes before release and after the space marine heavy film before it, this seemed slow paced. Watched from the sofa, this is better than I remembered and looks great on Blu Ray.

Alien Resurrection is probably the weakest of the set. It’s so many steps removed from the original that it doesn’t feel like the same series. The CGI aliens have aged liked the rubber suited aliens from the original. However, with Prometheus on the big screen and talks of a follow up, it seems like there will be plenty more movies set in this universe.

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Hammer Time

Now that I’ve finished reading Dune Messiah, the second book in the series, my next commuting companion will be The Woman in Black by Susan Hill. It’s a classic ghost story that’s recently been turned into a movie by the people over at Hammer studios. I’ve always been a fan of the classic Hammer horror films so this is like a seal of quality for me. However, since I cannot abide being inside a cinema, then the book will suit me just fine until the Blu Ray is released.

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