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This has been my first season playing NFL Fantasy Football and it’s been a resounding success.  So much so that I might send my CV in to the Dallas Cowboys, because they clearly need a new coach…  My team, The Socky Monsters, made a clean sweep this season and took home all the major silverware.  Commiserations to the Walingford Wanderers and Team Ridicoulous who came in second and third place respectively, but as Christopher Lambert says, “In the end, there can be only one!”


My trophy for having the highest scoring team in my league.


My trophy for winning the regular season, earning the number one slot in the play-offs.


The big one!  For winning the play-offs and reigning supreme over league 1344006

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NFL Fantasy Update

The NFL Fantasy Football season has been rolling on for 14 weeks now and my team, the Socky Monsters, are standing at the top of their league. With a record of 10-3-0 I think it’s fair to say they’ve been playing well, with 2 of those defeats coming from our nemesis – Team Sigmachi.

Week 14 is the final week of the regular season, pitting The Monsters again Team Ridicoulous. The midweek predicted scores suggest that this could be a close one, but whatever the results, nothing can threaten my place in the playoffs.

Providing my team stays injury free, I don’t expect to make any changes to the lineup going into Sunday night’s games. As long as The Jets play well against The Jaguars and The Falcons stay strong against The Panthers then I’m confident of another victory.

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NFL Update

Week 7 of the NFL season has been and gone, bringing another victory for my team, The Socky Monsters. The SA Strykers are one of the strongest teams in our fantasy league and would always represent a tough challenge. Adding to this, due to The Falcons being taking a bye this week, I had to pull a few guys off the bench to save the day. Luckily, they played well and put me in the lead by the end of Sunday’s games. The Strykers were still able to pick up some points from the Lions vs. Bears game on Monday, but not enough to steal my lead. This win cements my position at the top of the table with a 6-1-0 record. Things are looking good for week 8.

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NFL Week 4/5 Update

So in week 4 my NFL fantasy football team, The Socky Monsters, suffered their first loss. That puts us 3-1-0 and second in our league. Still not a bad record, but there’s room for improvement. I think this past week my best players were sat on the bench, I even won the Snickers sponsored award for benching more potential points than anyone else in my league. Not a great week 4 then, but week 5 will bring fresh challenges. I’ve made some line up changes and brought some fresh blood to the team. I’m up against Team Ridicoulous  who are going to be tough to beat, so I’m expecting the final score to be very close. It might all depend on Matt Forte being fit to play in Sunday’s Bears versus Jaguars game.

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NFL Week 2


We’re now part way into the second week of the NFL season and whilst my Cowboys have made a good start, so too have my NFL Fantasy Football Team – The Socky Monsters.  This is my first year playing Fantasy Football, so a lot of my decisions are being made on a ‘trial and error’ basis, but that might not make me much different from some actual NFL coaches.  In our opening game we beat the Wallingford Wanderers so we’ll be hoping to turn that victory into a winning streak in week two.  We also made it through the first week without picking up any injuries, but DeSean Jackson of the Eagles is looking like he might not play against the Ravens today.  Other than that, The Monsters are proving to be a healthy and resilient bunch.  My quarterback, Matt Ryan of the Falcons, has his work cut out for him against the Broncos on Monday, but I’m optimistic.  This week we’re against the P City Punishers, who are coming off a narrow loss to the SA Strykers.  I’m confident that the Monsters will be able to come out on top again here, so I’ll be keeping a keen eye on the gameday results today and tomorrow.

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Cowboy, Baby

I’ve been a casual fan of the Dallas Cowboys for as long as I can remember. Probably since the 1980s when NFL was just an exotic and aggressive foreign sport shown only by Channel 4 in the UK. I’m excited about the new season starting, though needless to say, since I subscribe to ESPN the majority of games will be shown on Sky Sports here. As per usual, the Cowboys have all the component parts necessary to make their way to the playoffs. Again, as per usual, those component parts won’t gel together and they’ll end up performing only moderately well – perhaps with a late surge of victories at the back end of the season to make me think they have a slim chance of making it to the Superbowl. I’ll follow their games, I might even buy one of their New Era baseball caps. I don’t think I’ll put money down on them winning the big one though.

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Touch Down (At Heathrow)

The NFL has been trying to expand its success outside the American continent for many years, with varied degrees of success. This week they announced that the Jacksonville Jaguars would be playing home games from Wembley Stadium in the UK from next season. Whether this will bring in new fans to the sport of even to the Jaguars isn’t immediately clear. The novelty of a one-off league game each season has guaranteed a sell out crowd every year. Whether this novelty will wear off when games are more frequent will just have to be proven. Maybe if one of the more popular teams had been able to come to terms on the move to England, it might have had a greater impact. However, even a chance to see the Jaguars ‘at home’ is preferable to the NFL making no effort at all to bring their product to the UK audience.

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