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NFL Update

Week 7 of the NFL season has been and gone, bringing another victory for my team, The Socky Monsters. The SA Strykers are one of the strongest teams in our fantasy league and would always represent a tough challenge. Adding to this, due to The Falcons being taking a bye this week, I had to pull a few guys off the bench to save the day. Luckily, they played well and put me in the lead by the end of Sunday’s games. The Strykers were still able to pick up some points from the Lions vs. Bears game on Monday, but not enough to steal my lead. This win cements my position at the top of the table with a 6-1-0 record. Things are looking good for week 8.

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Season’s Greetings

Xmas SocksXmas Socks

Season’s greetings from all the Sockymon. Especially Burton, who is feeling particularly festive.  Amazingly, I didn’t actually receive any socks for Christmas this year… which would have gone on to be Sockymon  in 6 months time.  Oh well, there are plenty more socks lying around the place already that are just waiting for reanimation 😉

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Awash with success

Wash the bath

Wash the bath

Well, here is the first of the new breed of Sockymon!  His name is Wash and he has a starry patterned sock for a body.  He also has blank, staring eyes and a rather enlarged forehead… I think it gives him a kind of alien look, maybe a bit like the grey ones with almond eyes that seem to have replaced the little green men that terrorised cinema-goers in the 50s.  One characteristic of the new sock monsters I’ve made is that I’m not using old socks anymore,  My socks just aren’t interesting enough, but I’ve been scouring the pound shops and got some nice socks in garish colour schemes.  Also, my socks are a bit too big so I’ve been buying children’s socks (mostly for girls) which give the monsters more even proportions.  It feels odd buying kid’s socks when you know they’re not actually for a little girl… well, it made me feel odd.

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