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Normally I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, but I thought I’d write a few down this time and see if I manage to stick to any of them. No.1) As with most of the Western hemisphere, I too will intend to do more and eat less over the next 12 months. No.2) I’m going to try not to take up more new hobbies than I have time to support. No.3) An end to impulse buying, so Amazon’s One-Click Purchasing will be switched off. No.4) Knit more. I have my loom, needles and hooks – I have no excuses. No.5) Enjoy the garden! I’ve got a greenhouse and hopefully I can grow some green thumbs this year. None of these require too much self discipline, so I’m (fairly) optimistic I can keep these.

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Warm Winter Wool

As Winter sets in I’ve become more excited about knitting myself some wooly clothes to keep me protected from the worst of the cold this year. I’m wearing the first scarf that I made at this very moment so I’m certainly happy with that one, even though there are a few loose loops of wool here and there. I’ve started a second scarf made of chunky purple wool and that looks even better. I’ve looked over my patterns for hats and gloves and they seem a bit more difficult, but eventually I’ll have to give them a whirl. My straight loom is a permanent companion to my TV watching time, so I think I can safely say I’ve taken to this now. I Just need to pick up my work rate a bit if I’m going to make some Xmas presents as well.

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Looming Large

Since I had so much fun with the straight hand loom I bought in Oslo, I did a bit of shopping around and got myself a larger loom.  This should allow me to make bigger items like scarves, possibly blankets and bags.

Crafty September 007

I’ve got some pattern books for ideas and the bags in particular sound like good fun.  They’ll come in handy for Christmas I expect, because as usual I’ll be trying to give out as many hand-made gifts as possible.  As well as being nice presents in themselves (I hope) it’ll be a bit more convenient since I can use the bags to hold other smaller gifts in them.

Crafty September 003

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Loom With A View

Recently I visited Oslo in Norway and whilst there I picked up a hand loom from a funky little craft shop. I’ve never been able to knit or crochet (although my Sockymum is very good at both). When I saw this I thought it looked like an excellent alternative to both and I’m glad to say that I was right. I haven’t even tried French Knitting before and this is just like its bigger brother. I thought I’d try making a scarf, not much use in summer but with a bit of practice I hoped to be able to knock out a few as Xmas pressies. Wrapping the wool around the pegs of the loom was much easier than wrestling with crochet hooks or knitting needles, though a hook is handy for picking loops of wool off the loom. The Sock Mistress has also bought me a book of more adventurous patterns, so maybe I will be able to manage some hats and slipper socks by December. We shall see.

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