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Sixth Time’s a Charm

I watched Doctor Who on TV religiously as a child. As a consequence this means that I’m more familiar with Colin Baker than Tom Baker, but it hasn’t stopped me from venturing backwards and forwards along The Doctor’s timeline over the years. It was a shame that Colin wasn’t willing/able to film his regeneration scene at the time, so I’m glad to hear that Big Finish will be producing an audio adventure in order to fill in the gaps leading up to Sylvester McCoy grasping the reins.

I don’t mind that it’s taken so long for this retrospective bit of story telling to be told. After all, I waited patiently to see Paul McGann become John Hurt so long gaps between points of continuity aren’t exactly new to the world of this time travelling face changer.

The Big Finish stories provide very high quality fan service, creating long story arcs and a focus on minutia that a 45 minute, prime time TV show isn’t really geared up for. Nowadays the personality of the grumpy Peter Capaldi isn’t all that different from the brash, arrogant Sixth Doctor but hopefully the show will keep it’s mainstream appeal. However, when I want to geek-out for a few hours, I can always pop my headphones on.

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Say My Name, Say My Name

As the BBC drip feed their audience with further information about upcoming episodes of Dr Who, they’ve been using these rather cool movie posters. It’s very simple but it does give the series more of an epic feel. Even if recent stories have been a little short on ‘big reveals’ they do help to build up the anticipation during the gaps leading up to each Saturday night’s tea time viewing.

It seems as though we’re going to be given The Doctor’s real name this year, but I must admit to feeling a bit underwhelmed by that. He might have a made up alien name like Kal-El, which could just sound silly (notice that even Superman never uses his real name much). He might have a very normal sounding name, maybe he’s been calling himself John Smith all these years because it’s true.

Then again, it could all be leading to a swerve. Just as ‘The Wedding of River Song’ and ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ didn’t really deliver what their titles suggested. I think this would leave viewers feeling cheated, so I’m guessing that the writers have something particular clever up their sleeves. Once it’s been revealed, there must be some terrible consequences for our time traveller, or why else would he have kept it to himself – and maybe River – all these years?

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Reverse The Polarity

As we hurtle into the 50th year of Doctor Who, excitement levels amongst geeks like me are high and the expectancy for something special is even higher. The second half of the current series returned to British screens 3 weeks ago and I’m still waiting to see that something special arrive.

‘The Bells of St. John’ was the comeback episode and the idea that people could be beamed up into their WiFi connections struck me as something thought up by a writer who had never used a computer before. Maybe I found it hard to swallow as a tech geek, more than the sci fi nerd in me should have.

‘The Rings of Akhaten’ was hard to pronounce but looked better, with dozens of new alien races featured. Where it fell down for me was the reliance on the power of positive thinking to save the day. I’ve had my share of pseudo science and technobabble from The Doctor over the years, but it was particularly unconvincing for me here.

Last weekend we had ‘Cold War’ which saw the return of The Ice Warriors, well… an Ice Warrior really. It had many of the right components – dark corridors to run down, locals who are strangely accepting of blue boxes that appear out of thin air etc. Maybe I was spoilt by the previous Matt Smith episodes that were bridged together by a longer overarching story. Maybe the origin of his assistant isn’t compelling enough for me. Maybe I want to know the answer to the question, Doctor who?’ Maybe I’m still waiting to find out why and when the Tardis explodes.

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A Big Hand For The Doctor

I’ve just finished the Doctor Who ebook, ‘A Big Hand For The Doctor,’ by Eoin Colfer. As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations for the TV show a series of short stories are being released, with this being the first. Eleven stories over eleven months with eleven different authors covering the eleven different lives of The Doctor.

This book is set before or at least around the time of, ‘An Unearthly Child’ where Susan is the sole companion of her grandfather. We begin the story with William Hartnell’s characterisation of the timelord attempting to buy a new left hand. He lost it in a sword fight with a Soul Pirate and rather than wasting a regeneration he decides to have one grown/engineered for him. Until it’s ready though he has a claw-like bio-hybrid replacement grafted on.

I’ve never read any of Colfer’s Artemis Fowl books but I really enjoyed his interpretation of the first doctor. His internal monologues reflect the grumpy nature of his personality but most interesting was when he flashed back (forward?) to his eleventh, dicky bow wearing self, wishing he was more athletic. I’m hugely excited about following this series throughout the coming months, if this is a sign of things to come then The Doctor is going to have a great 50th anniversary.

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2012 – 2013

Another year over, another Doctor Who Christmas special out of the way. Probably not everybody’s chosen milestone for the passage of time but it’s as good as any really. I liked everything about this year’s festive episode, from Richard E. Grant’s villain to the potato-comedy from Strax. Love the new/old style TARDIS interior though I would have liked Matt Smith to wink in the opening credits like McCoy used to.

I’m the same as most people in that I’ll head into the new year with optimism. There will be more good than bad in 2013, despite what the television news says. The year will be filled with scientific discoveries, the success of human ingenuity and the occasional tribulation that we can all bounce back from as a collective. All we need to do is make it happen!

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Light In The Darkness

I’ve just finished listening to the Big Finish ‘boxed set’ adventure starring the Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann. The previous series saw his assistant Lucie Miller (Sheridan Smith) bow out in dramatic fashion and left our time travelling hero raging at the unjust universe he lives in. Dark Eyes is a four disc set with a fifth disc of interviews covering the making of the series. The production values of Big Finish stories are usually great and this is no different, with a particularly strong soundtrack.

The Doctor takes on a new outfit and haircut, which is a key element of the TV show, him being the character who keeps changing his appearance. For an audio drama, this is less of a factor – but it does mean we get some new photos of McGann for the cover artwork. He also picks up a new assistant from the trenches of the First World War.

The four episode format reminds me of the classic Who series, where almost all the stories were spread over separate parts. This makes the adventure feel properly epic as the adventure never stops over the three and a bit hours it lasts. The climax has some surprise revelations to tie up the few loose threads that unravel across the discs. I like this story a lot and the ‘boxed set’ format suits it well. It gives it a strong sense of continuity between the episodes, which for a transdimensional time travelling series, that has to be a good thing.

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The Eighth Doctor

Next month sees the return of the eighth incarnation of Doctor Who, as played by Paul McGann. Whilst his screen time has been the shortest, thanks to the excellent series of radio plays he has featured in, he is the longest running of all the Doctors. I really enjoyed the movie length episode from the late 90s that saw McCoy regenerate into McGann. This Doctor was a mixture of his first and fifth selves and took on his long time foe The Master. Since then I have been an avid follower of his particular timeline.

When he returns in the four part Big Finish produced story, Dark Eyes, he has just lost a companion whilst fighting The Daleks. He is sporting a new outfit too that’s a cross between the look of his ninth and sixth personas, though much darker (as the title might suggest).

The most evil pepper pots in the galaxy may also be making a return too, so it might be an opportunity for our face-changing Timelord to get some payback. The final scene of The Eighth Doctor’s previous (chronologically speaking) adventure implied that there was very little he wouldn’t do to try and set right the wrongs of the universe. “To the edge and maybe beyond,” were his last words. “One day I shall go back, yes… one day.”

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