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Wandering About

As the week has progressed, the weather has improved and today we decided to try going for a walk around the nearby area. There used to be a pub, but that’s closed though there is a local store that sells groceries and Puzzler books. Aside from that, you’ve probably got an hour or so to walk to the next place you could buy a cup of tea and a biscuit.

I’d printed a few recommended walking routes from the Internet but they didn’t particularly resemble anything that looked like where we were. Half a mile trekking in the wrong direction got us nowhere, so we doubled back and found a nice woodland area that hid a picnic table in a small clearing. This was much more like the kind of thing I was hoping to find, so once sandwiches had been eaten and tree-dwelling birds had been photographed, our spirits were on the rise again.

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Looking Out

Whilst I enjoy walking around Helsinki, I have noticed that the way people act in crowds here is very different to the way the behave back in England. In England, we have an (admittedly) archaic and arbitrary system whereby men hold doors open for ladies and ladies always go first. Though there is nothing that makes this system right, it does create a simple means by which crowds of people can move quickly and easily through busy streets and shops. If you hold a door open for a lady in Helsinki, any men nearby you will immediately seize upon the opportunity to dart in front of you and push through the door. Similarly, if they go through a door ahead of you, don’t expect them to look back to check if they’re about to let it fall shut in the face of the person behind them.

In addition, there is a quaint and amusing tradition in England – seen if you are walking down a narrow street and you find yourself travelling head on towards another person. In the moment of uncertainty over who should go left or right, we do a short shuffling dance step, then exchange embarrassed glances. We make brief apologies, then step around each other and carry on with our journey. In Helsinki, if you find yourself walking head on towards a Finn, prepare to play a game of ‘chicken’ that you cannot win. They will simply charge onwards and bowl you out of their path!

These observations are simply the product of ambling around Helsinki’s high streets. If this is all too scary for you, then I suggest you take a short boat ride from the South Harbour to Suomenlinna Island. The panoramic views of the sea are spectacular, the remains of the fortress are fascinating and there are less than a thousand people living there, so you’re very unlikely to ever bump into someone (or have them bump is into you) whilst you’re out walking.

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Beside The Sea

Helsinki is a great place to explore on foot. Being obsessed with my pedometer scores (as I am) means that I can be counting my steps whilst taking in the sights. A word of warning though, keep an eye out for cyclists. Some of the pavement is marked pedestrian or cyclist only, but it’s not always clear.

The South Harbour area is typically busy with tourists, but if you don’t mind the crowds, there is much fun to be had. Guided boat tours, market stalls, shops and restaurants. Apart from the traffic, which can be a little fast for this country mouse, I love spending time in this corner of the city.

You’re never far from a cafe or kiosk selling drinks and ice cream. I don’t have a particular sweet tooth, but I’ll usually end up having ice cream almost every day here. Just as well really that there’s no excuse not to walk off the extra sugar.

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Misty Morning


Waking up this morning in Dundee, I was surprised to see thick ‘James Herbert’ style fog rolling in from the sea. Normally I wouldn’t leave the house before breakfast, but since I’m on holiday the normal rules don’t apply so I went for a walk to check out the mist and to build up and appetite. The Sock Mistress had decided to try out the hotel’s gym facilities so I took my Nike+ pedometer with me to track my exercise. Unfortunately my iPod battery ran flat, so that didn’t work so well. I had my camera with me to take some snaps but the battery on that ran flat to. I really should remember to charge my electronic devices before setting out… Luckily my trusty Nokia N8 was with me so I managed to get a few pics before the fog cleared.

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For the last four or five years now I’ve been carrying a pedometer around with me. It’s not that I spend my time jogging or running, it’s just a handy way to keep track on my general activity levels. If I find that I’m dropping below 10000 steps in a day for more than a couple of days in a row, then I know that I need to get out and about more. I’m sure that a good chunk of my daily steps are cloaked up by going to the photocopier and back at work, but it’s only a loose rule of thumb rather than being an exact science.

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