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X Factor

Normally, if I were to ask to join the X-Men, the process would go a little something like this;

ME : “Hello Professor X, I’d like to join the X-Men please. Nice house, by the way.”

PX : “Thank you. Well, we’re always keen to welcome new applicants, what’s your super power?”

ME : “Here’s the thing, whenever I leave England, the weather becomes unseasonably warm. So, for example, if I take a holiday, it’s always lovely and sunny back home. Every time, without fail. Either my presence attracts overcast skies, or by leaving the country, the sun is compelled by my sheer will alone to blaze hotter than it normally does. Over England.”

PX : “I see…”

ME : “I thought, maybe I could be called ‘Fridge Doorman’ because the sun comes out, when I go. Like the light coming on in the fridge when you take something out. Do you follow me?”

PX : “Yes, I do…”

ME : “So, what do you think my chances of getting in are…?

PX : “Erm… just leave your details with Jean Grey on the way out and we’ll call you if we need you.

Imagine my surprise then, as this time it’s raining back home and gloriously sunny here in Finland!

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A Galaxy Far, Far Away


Sometimes, on a cold morning, the moon can be seen in the pale blue sky. Even if I’m just watering plants or pegging out washing to dry – I look up and feel a little bit like Luke Skywalker, gazing at the twin suns of Tatooine as they watch over him.

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Thank Finland It’s Friday


Today has been another blazing hot day, with clear blue skies and a cheery yellow sun overhead. After almost two whole months of continuous rain in England, all this warm weather has been particularly agreeable. I understand the UK is also having a heatwave at the moment, but I won’t bear a grudge for that. There was an open air fashion show being held in Helsinki this afternoon, which isn’t really my scene, but I did hang around long enough to get some free bags from Marimekko. The Sock Mistress is more of an expert on these things than I am, but I won’t turn down the chance to get something to carry my lunch box in and a nice new pencil case. I’ve managed to eat less fish than I thought I would this week, so I tried to make up for it by having sushi for lunch. I only got wasabi up my nose once, which might be a record for me. I have also had ice cream on at least one occasion, every day since arriving here. My diet is all over the place, but if you can’t stuff your face when you’re on holiday then when can you?

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Whilst I would normally be very happy to see the return of decent weather, spending most of my days stuck in an office or on a crowded commuter train means I’ve not had a chance to enjoy it. Not to worry though, the weekend is in sight, my holidays are aproaching and the UK have a good chance of not finishing last at this year’s Eurovision. Through the sheer power of positive thinking, I will persevere, at least until I can top up my vitamin D and work on my tan.

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