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King Kong Meets Godzilla


Ryback versus Mark Henry is likely to be the shortest match on the Wrestlemania card, but with one huge finish at the end of it. Nobody is expecting these two Goliaths to put on a technical show case – they’re going to trade power moves then we’ll find out if Ryback can get Mark Henry up above his head for the ‘Shellshock’ slam.

Maybe they’ll act out Hogan and Andre the Giant’s match from Wrestlemania 3, with Ryback giving Henry a huge body slam/leg drop combo. I think he could pull that off more convincingly than getting him all the way up on his shoulders. Plus it’ll be a nod to all the long time fans and Hulkamaniacs watching. Not my most hotly anticipated match of the night but I definitely need to see how it ends!

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Has anyone on the WWE roster fallen so far, so quickly as The Miz? It’s not that long ago that he was headlining against John Cena. He won that match and walked out of Wrestlemania with the WWE title. Now he finds himself scrambling to stay in the spot light by challenging the Inter-continental Champion, England’s finest, Wade Barrett.

Like Ken Anderson, The Miz is often unfairly criticised because his larger than life persona on the mic overshadows his mat skills. Like Roddy Piper in the past, his character irritates as many people as it entertains. How the live crowd will respond to him remains to be seen.

A string of unconvincing recent champions has tarnished the reputation of the IC belt and Wade hasn’t helped this by losing a lot of non-title matches over the last few weeks. However, his ‘Fight Club’ gimmick gives him an edge that will appeal to the traditionally smart Wrestlemania audience. I don’t expect this one to last long and I don’t think we’ll see the championship change hands.

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Bathroom Break


If there is one match likely to get bumped from the main PPV card to the free pre-show it’s Brodus Clay, Tensai and the Funkadactyls against Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow and the Bella Twins. If it does manage to stay on the bill it’ll be just before one of the main events, just to give the live crowd a chance to go to the bathroom and get another round of hot dogs in.

I’m sure I’ve heard that this show is around $70 on HD PPV in the US and even the most dedicated fan will struggle to justify shelling out that much cash at the best of times. If the WWE wants people to reach for their credit cards and pay for this event then they need to be putting on better quality matches than this. Top to bottom, the bill should be the culmination of the previous year’s best performers and the angles they’ve been working on. If you need me when this one’s on TV, I’ll probably be in the kitchen getting something from the fridge.

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Less Than The Sum Of Their Parts

Sheamus O’Shaunessy, Randy Orton and Paul ‘The Big Show’ Wight are all former main-event stars but this Wrestlemania they have have found themselves thrown into a six-man tag match with up-and-comers The Shield.  With the likes of The Rock and The Undertaker making PPV returns, there just isn’t enough room at the top end of the card to fit in any of these former champions, and so they’re padding out the event with this bout.

Pairing the faces (Sheamus/Orton) with a heel (Big Show) does make things a little interesting, maybe Big Show will turn on his partners and leave them outnumbered against their opponents.  More likely, this is a diversion and Randy will be the one who surprises fans and turns on his team mates.  This could align him with The Shield but that would be to their detriment.  Whilst Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns have carved a niche for themselves – by their own merits – if they allowed themselves to be led by Orton, they would quickly become his lackeys/henchmen and their place in the spotlight would be diminished.

Perhaps I’m just looking at this through the eyes of a cynical pro wrestling fan who has seen too many bait-and-switch angles.  Maybe the idea that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ has brought Sheamus, Orton and Show together and they simple want to remove a three pronged thorn from their collective sides.  Either way, this is one of the few matches on the bill where I wouldn’t be sure enough to bet money on the result, which must be a good thing.

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Moves Like Swagger

Alberto del Rio versus Jack Swagger should be topping the bill at Wrestlemania. By virtue of this being a world title match alone, this should be a co-main event at least. The world title may have only come onto the WWE by way of the WCW acquisition, but it’s still got a lineage that includes some of the greatest champions in pro wrestling history.

However, if these two men are lucky they will be featured at the halfway mark – if they are unlucky they will open the show and be long forgotten by the time Rock and Cena step between the ropes. It’s a shame that this title receives less attention than it should, but there’s no reason that the Mexican superstar and the amateur wrestling expert can’t put on a technically great match.

This is Swagger’s third or fourth bite of the cherry and his DUI arrest makes it unclear how well he will be pushed after Wrestlemania. Perhaps this will motivate him to put on the performance of his career, perhaps he can win the big one on the greatest stage of them all… then again, perhaps not…


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Dolph? Hell No?

Dolph Ziggler may have been given an awkward in-ring name but it’s just about the only thing awkward about him. He’s proven himself over and over again but still ends up falling short of achieving a main even run. Even after winning the ‘Money in the Bank’ guaranteed title match last year – Ziggler still languishes in the mid card.

This year he has been thrown into a hastily booked tag match with partner Big E against the odd couple of Kane and Daniel Bryan. Yes, the tag team titles are on the line, but they stopped meaning anything when they started to resemble large 2 pence coins.

Whether Dolph will win at Wrestlemania or not is overshadowed by whether or not he cashes in his briefcase and takes the opportunity to challenge for the world title. That’s a shame, because it lessens the tag title match – but if Ziggler jumps in at the end of the world title match then that cheapens the victory of the guy who has just won second before. It’s a damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t kind of situation.

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No Holds Barred

HHH versus Brock Lesnar has been bubbling along for a while now and their meeting at Wrestlemania should mark the climax of what has been, for the PG rated WWE, a series of violent and bloody encounters. I’m sure somebody in the back office sees this as WWE vs. UFC so I expect to see HHH come out on top here, in retribution for the MMA promotion taking so many PPV buys and TV viewers aways from pro wrestling.

Adding a retirement stipulation to the fight is a bit of wasted effort on the part of the booking team. We all know that HHH is the son in law of the boss, so win, lose or draw – he won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. If anything it only serves to reinforce the likelihood of Brock taking the fall, the narrative almost insists on it.

I expect the semi-retired cage fighter and the semi-retired wrestler to knock seven shades out of each other and as long as the match is fairly short it should be entertaining. However, it does highlight just how much of the card’s top end is made up with older talent. Cena and Punk are well established, HHH, Rock, Brock and ‘Taker are significantly past their prime. Where will the next rising star come from?

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