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Better Than Being At Work


The weather forecast for this week had promised to be typically Scottish (cold, wet and windy) but upon peering out through the curtains this morning, it thankfully wasn’t as bad as the previous night’s news had suggested. Plans for the day were minimal and after a light breakfast it was time to wander into Dundee to see if the place springs to life on a Monday. Like any reasonably sized UK town these days, the same chain stores clog up the centre and a couple of large retail outlets flank either end of the main streets. However, there are some lovely historic buildings and churches that are impressive to see. There are also a lot of statues, sculptures and monuments dotted about the place which bring back any sense of character taken away by Cafe Nero/Next etc. The weather is expected to get more Scottish as the week progresses so indoor attractions will be called for, I reckon.

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Misty Morning


Waking up this morning in Dundee, I was surprised to see thick ‘James Herbert’ style fog rolling in from the sea. Normally I wouldn’t leave the house before breakfast, but since I’m on holiday the normal rules don’t apply so I went for a walk to check out the mist and to build up and appetite. The Sock Mistress had decided to try out the hotel’s gym facilities so I took my Nike+ pedometer with me to track my exercise. Unfortunately my iPod battery ran flat, so that didn’t work so well. I had my camera with me to take some snaps but the battery on that ran flat to. I really should remember to charge my electronic devices before setting out… Luckily my trusty Nokia N8 was with me so I managed to get a few pics before the fog cleared.

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Thank Finland It’s Friday


Today has been another blazing hot day, with clear blue skies and a cheery yellow sun overhead. After almost two whole months of continuous rain in England, all this warm weather has been particularly agreeable. I understand the UK is also having a heatwave at the moment, but I won’t bear a grudge for that. There was an open air fashion show being held in Helsinki this afternoon, which isn’t really my scene, but I did hang around long enough to get some free bags from Marimekko. The Sock Mistress is more of an expert on these things than I am, but I won’t turn down the chance to get something to carry my lunch box in and a nice new pencil case. I’ve managed to eat less fish than I thought I would this week, so I tried to make up for it by having sushi for lunch. I only got wasabi up my nose once, which might be a record for me. I have also had ice cream on at least one occasion, every day since arriving here. My diet is all over the place, but if you can’t stuff your face when you’re on holiday then when can you?

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The Cooler King

Sidle cools off

Sidle cools off

My new monster is called Sidle, but he’s not enjoying the warm, muggy weather we’ve been having.  He’s taken to hiding in the fridge to cool off.  He’s made from a very stretchy sock which meant there was a bit of a knack to filling him without him losing his shape.  All things considered he’s a fab fishy monster.

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