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Leaving Scotland


All good things must come to an end and eventually it was time to leave Scotland. Dundee had been good fun and there was even time to squeeze in a visit to Edinburgh as well. Despite much of the city being dug up as part of the construction of a new tram system, there was still plenty of shopping and sight-seeing to be done.

The weather was bright and very un-Scottish for the trip back to England, which made for a pleasant journey. As the train was destined for Kings Cross, it was quite crowded, but thankfully the coffee and sandwiches kept on coming – which helped to sustain me until we reached home. Despite all the national news suggesting that we’d find something that resembled the movie ‘Waterworld’ everything was just as we’d left it.

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Nil Nil Draw

I’ve never been a huge fan of football (or soccer if you prefer) so with Euro 2012 filling the TV schedules and pubs of this land, there’s very little to hold my interest. I can just about sit through a whole game, though 90 minutes of mid field squabbling will sorely test my patience. I don’t mind the tension of a penalty shoot out, in fact if a match takes that long to produce a winner, I’m glad that there’s a way to reach a conclusion decisively.

I don’t mind referees and I don’t see the need for video replays, they’ll just slow down the flow of the game even further. 99.9% of human referee decisions are correct anyway. It is a shame that so much of the money is in the hands of so few teams, but without wage caps and NFL style management of the leagues the playing field will remain uneven.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate football by any means. In fact, if by some remote chance England are victories this year, I’ll be genuinely happy. Though that’ll be because I’ve drawn them in the office sweepstake.

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God Save The Queen

After a couple of weeks of Nordic weather, long days and lots of daylight, coming back to torrential rain in England is a little disappointing – but not unexpected. Even Queen Liz couldn’t hold off the rain as she took her jubilee boat ride down The Thames.

I’m no more or less of a monarchist than the next man. The Queen is another thing about England that just is. Like driving on the left and spelling words with extra letters to everyone else. However, watching the red, white and blue faithful soaked to the skin as they sang and waved their flags was an entertaining spectacle – sat on my sofa, in my warm and dry house.

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Happy Landings


After a relatively pain free check out, we left the apartment that had been our home for two weeks and headed for the airport. As I said a couple of weeks ago, I’m not the best flier in the world, but I can get by. Being Type One Diabetic means I have to carry needles, vials of liquid (insulin) and electronic gadgets (blood testing equipment) onto the plane. Whilst I’ve never had any problems, the whole process of checking bags in is stressful enough without someone mistaking you for the next Shoe Bomber.

Luckily, a shaven headed baggage guy with four inches of whispy chin-beard took one look at my neatly arranged kit in clear plastic bags and simply said,

“It’s all cool.”

At this point, I knew the flight back to England would be fine. Which is good, because someone called Liz is having a big party this weekend and it would be rude to miss it.

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