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Holiday Time

With Xmas just around the corner, the Sock Mistress and I have decided to be our usual antisocial selves and go hide in the Lake District for a week. We’ll be shacked up in a little cottage, with the heating turned up high and the fridge groaning at the seams from all the food we’ll be stockpiling.

The journey across the country has been a pleasant one – first class rail as usual. Totally worth the extra money for the extra leg room and unlimited tea/biscuits. Plus, since it’s still an ordinary working day, the trains aren’t busy. The weather may be its usual fickle self, but it’s December – it’s not as if it was going to be hot and sunny.

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All Good Things

After a week in the West Highlands, eventually it was time to pack up our things and leave the rail carriage behind. It had been a great holiday, with no particular agenda from the outset. Being so far away from built up cities and the conveniences they bring hadn’t been too difficult and despite it being October the Scottish weather had been quite forgiving too.

The journey back to England would be long, but broken up with an afternoon stopover in Edinburgh. It was busy, being a Saturday afternoon and all that, but once our suitcases had been stored at the left luggage facility in Waverley station, we set off for some Japanese food at Yes Sushi (of course, everyone goes to Scotland for sushi…)

Once we were well fed, we wandered around the shops until our feet were tired and our train home was finally due. It was full because of an international rugby game that had been played earlier that day, but station by station the seats all gradually emptied. By the time we made it to our destination, we almost had the whole carriage to ourselves. 

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Lost And Found

I almost lost my Nintendo 3DS this week when I left it behind on the train. Luckily a kind individual handed it in to the lost property department and I was reunited with my gaming gadget. I don’t know how many hours of gaming could have been lost, there are over 80 hours clocked up on Pokemon White alone. Plus the photos on the SD card would have been irreplaceable and due to Nintendo having a system locked eShop, none of my purchases could be redownloaded to a new 3DS unless I bought them again. Needless to say, my 3DS won’t be leaving the house any time soon and I’ll be paying a lot more attention when I pick up my belongings as I get off a train in future.

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Leaving Scotland


All good things must come to an end and eventually it was time to leave Scotland. Dundee had been good fun and there was even time to squeeze in a visit to Edinburgh as well. Despite much of the city being dug up as part of the construction of a new tram system, there was still plenty of shopping and sight-seeing to be done.

The weather was bright and very un-Scottish for the trip back to England, which made for a pleasant journey. As the train was destined for Kings Cross, it was quite crowded, but thankfully the coffee and sandwiches kept on coming – which helped to sustain me until we reached home. Despite all the national news suggesting that we’d find something that resembled the movie ‘Waterworld’ everything was just as we’d left it.

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Back On Track


I do enjoy traveling by train. This is perhaps a little odd because I commute to work by train so you might naturally assume that it would take the enjoyment out of rail journeys since those 8am services can be pretty miserable. If I need to travel across the country and there is a chance to get a reasonably priced first class ticket, I’ll go for it. I’m heading up to Scotland this week for some much needed rest and recuperation. Since the travel time is almost as long as a working day I think splashing out for extra leg room and complementary tea/coffee is entirely justifiable. I’ve no particular plans for once I get North of the border, but I have a good feeling that whatever I do will involve shopping then plenty of food and drink.

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Positive Vibes

As August dissolves into September, I stepped out of the house today expecting a kind of melancholy to kick in with the end of the summer months. There was frost on the grass and for the first time in ages it was cold enough to see my breath in the air. However, my bus turned up on time, which was made a pleasant change. This got me to the train station early, which meant that I could get myself a coffee from the little shop on the station platform. When I reached for my change I realised that I had enough stamps on my loyalty card to get a free drink. To top it all off, the guy behind the counter even called me ‘Squire!’ I’m now full of positive vibes and looking forward to the weekend, even if it brings September with it.

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On The Rails

I’ve been travelling to work by train for a number of years now. As a non-driver, I do it out of necessity, although as car tax and parking rates increase some people naturally assume I do it as a cost saving. On a rain soaked day like today, it would be difficult to convince anyone it was done for the sake of convenience. Looking around my carriage, there would be few other supporters of that claim here either. From the cyclist trying to find space in the luggage rack for her Brompton to the guy peeling off his showerproof outer clothes to reveal his crumpled suit. I have sympathy with these people, but if the bloke putting on aerosol anti-perspirant doesn’t stop it, I might have to throw him off at the next station.

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