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Winning Phone 8

After 24 long (but happy) months with my Nokia N8 the time finally arrived for me to upgrade my contract. Nerd that I am, I had to get straight down to the store for my new handset as soon as my eligibility rolled around. I love Nokia hardware, though their software can be hit and miss. As such, the Lumia 820 leapt out at me – all that lovely Finnish designed goodness but with none of the archaic Symbian nonsense. Plus as I’m currently running a Windows 8 laptop, it means I can stay within the same ecosystem as this is a Windows Phone 8 handset.

What I like – Rather than use the ‘Transfer My Data’ app I just logged into the phone with my Microsoft account. As if by magic, all my contacts, documents and profile data beamed down from SkyDrive. Perfect! This was as easy as the manual said it would be. Seeing my Xbox Live avatar run onscreen within the games section was a nice touch. The sound quality for calls is as good as my N8 and though technically the camera is inferior, to my untrained eye it’s comparable (though I haven’t tested it in low light yet. 95% of the apps I use are in the Windows Phone store and the rest are either non-essential or on their way.

Things I don’t like – No native 3G video calls! This is a pain, not everyone uses Skype though I understand why Microsoft wants us to. The body of the phone is so smooth that it is almost frictionless in your hand. Looks great but needs a gel cover so that you don’t fire it across the room when you pull it out of your pocket quickly. For some reason when I receive a SMS it disconnects my Bluetooth headset. This could be my phone and my particular headset not getting along, but they’re both Nokia products…

Overall, this is definitely the right phone for me. The Windows 8 and SkyDrive integration alone would be enough to tempt me. Only time will tell if it continues to be as flexible and reliable as my trusty N8.

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Misty Morning


Waking up this morning in Dundee, I was surprised to see thick ‘James Herbert’ style fog rolling in from the sea. Normally I wouldn’t leave the house before breakfast, but since I’m on holiday the normal rules don’t apply so I went for a walk to check out the mist and to build up and appetite. The Sock Mistress had decided to try out the hotel’s gym facilities so I took my Nike+ pedometer with me to track my exercise. Unfortunately my iPod battery ran flat, so that didn’t work so well. I had my camera with me to take some snaps but the battery on that ran flat to. I really should remember to charge my electronic devices before setting out… Luckily my trusty Nokia N8 was with me so I managed to get a few pics before the fog cleared.

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Low Tech FTW


After years of enjoying the versatility of having a smartphone with me 24/7 I have taken the plunge and reverted to using a (so called) dumbphone again. There are several reasons for choosing the Nokia 101 as my new side arm. Firstly, the huge battery life of 25 days stand by time. We carry phones to make calls and that can’t happen if your battery is drained by a big power hungry touch screen. Secondly, all those apps just create more opportunities for distractions and give you more inboxes to manage. Simplification of your communication channels is the first step to improving how well you communicate. Finally, the 101 is a dual SIM phone, which allows me to conveniently switch between carriers on the fly. Three good reasons to dumb down in a high tech world.

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All Change

I followed the Nokia/Microsoft announcement yesterday with great interest as they unveiled their new Lumia Windows 8 phones. I’m a fan of Nokia devices and I’m happy to be convinced that the new Microsoft operating system will deliver on all the promises that Windows 7 didn’t quite manage to do. This comes a week before Apple reveal their new handset, which I’m expecting will be much the same as their last one but with a slightly higher resolution screen. I have heard rumours that the tech boys in the Apple labs have updated those nasty, tinny headphones that they bundle with their iPods and iPhones. Their horrible, noisy sound leakage has ruined many a bus and train journey for me. They will not be missed.

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Step By Step

Currently I am carrying three pedometers on me, counting every step I take – possibly every move I make but definitely not every breath I take. I’ve carried at least one with me for the last six or seven years, primarily to keep a rough tally of my activity levels (or rather, my inactivity levels)

I have a pedometer app in my phone, my Nokia Wellness Diary, into which I also make a note of my sleeping patterns and diet. This app has been in perpetual beta testing but IMHO this should be on the Nokia store right now with a version for Lumia phones soon after.

I also have a pedometer in my Nintendo 3DS. This converts steps into ‘coins’ that can be used to purchase extra content in games. StreetPass Quest 2 and Streetfighter 4 have used this feature and it is good way to access unlockable content to prolong the lifespan of games.

I also have a Nike+ pedometer which isn’t perpetually running, so I have to remember to activate it before I do any exercise. It’s attached to my shoe so in theory it should be the most accurate based on its position and the likelihood of registering my steps.

I’m sure there is some kind of psychological condition at the heart of this because most people don’t carry all these gadgets with them to measure how much they walk. Maybe it’s a way of turning mundane activities into a form of a game. That might explain why I find it all so entertaining.

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Red Pill… Blue Pill

After a prolonged bout of channel hopping, I found myself re-watching The Matrix on TV this weekend. I remember watching The film at the cinema when it was originally released and since then I’ve probably seen it half a dozen times.

As sci-fi martial arts movies go, it still stands up against more recent films, even if the special effects aren’t quite as cutting edge as they once were. The pseudo-mythological story line and the monosyllabic dialogue aren’t as bad as they became in future sequels either.

It’s interesting to note that, as in many science fiction worlds, everyone uses Nokia phones rather than iPhones or Blackberries. Maybe those European designed handsets are more cinematic than fruit based phones.

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Something Rings a Belle

To some people it may be a surprising thing to say, but I’ve never been tempted to purchase a fruit based phone (no Apple or Blackberry for me thanks) and my trusty Nokia N8 is currently my smartphone of choice.  It’s still the best camera phone available today and now that the firmware has been upgraded from the often laggy Nokia Anna to the super smooth Nokia Belle, it’s like having a brand new handset for me.  The installation was mostly pain free, but having to reinstall half of my apps was a nuisance.  However, it’s a small price to pay for my year and a bit old phone to get a shot in the arm – at no extra cost.  Perhaps one day I’ll be drawn to the new Nokia Lumia range, but until then, I’m happy with what I’ve got (maybe the laser gun will come along in the next update…)

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