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Heading Home

After a week in Finland, it’s finally time to pack up the suitcase and head home again. All week long it’s been gloriously sunny and Helsinki has been packed with happy people, relaxing in the parks and shopping in the shops. There’s enough time left to pick up any last minute purchases and to plan a big feast for the last evening’s meal.

When you tell a typically mono-cultural English acquaintance back home that you’re going on holiday to Helsinki, you usually get an expression that suggests you’ve just asked them to solve a really difficult puzzle. They know its nearby neighbors; Sweden is the home of Abba and Ikea, Denmark has bacon and Norway is the really, really expensive one. Other than the occasional F1 driver, they’re usually stumped as to what else comes from Finland.

Just for being a European capital with centuries worth of fascinating history and architecture makes Helsinki a worthwhile place alone. Add the location by the sea, the fantastic local designers, the markets and stores to spend your Euros in, plus the long, bright Spring days make this one of my favorite places in the world at this time of year. I’ve only travelled briefly into the North of the country, but then I guess that always gives me a reason to come back and spend some more time here again.

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X Factor

Normally, if I were to ask to join the X-Men, the process would go a little something like this;

ME : “Hello Professor X, I’d like to join the X-Men please. Nice house, by the way.”

PX : “Thank you. Well, we’re always keen to welcome new applicants, what’s your super power?”

ME : “Here’s the thing, whenever I leave England, the weather becomes unseasonably warm. So, for example, if I take a holiday, it’s always lovely and sunny back home. Every time, without fail. Either my presence attracts overcast skies, or by leaving the country, the sun is compelled by my sheer will alone to blaze hotter than it normally does. Over England.”

PX : “I see…”

ME : “I thought, maybe I could be called ‘Fridge Doorman’ because the sun comes out, when I go. Like the light coming on in the fridge when you take something out. Do you follow me?”

PX : “Yes, I do…”

ME : “So, what do you think my chances of getting in are…?

PX : “Erm… just leave your details with Jean Grey on the way out and we’ll call you if we need you.

Imagine my surprise then, as this time it’s raining back home and gloriously sunny here in Finland!

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Going Up North

Airports are strange, unnatural places – which makes sense, because there is very little less natural than being strapped down in a metal tube and allowing yourself to be exploded across the sky. However, if you want to travel internationally, they’re something of a practical necessity. Not for the first time, I’m going to be taking my Spring vacation in Helsinki. Over the years it’s become a second home to me, so rather than risk trying somewhere new, I’m taking comfort in familiar Finland.

I’ve never managed to master the language and the exchange rate between the Pound and the Euro isn’t particularly favourable. Nonetheless, I love the design consciousness that pervades everything in Helsinki, I love the markets and the closeness to the sea… I even like the food… so really, there was no other choice.

Before I head off up North, I’ve got an overnight stay in Manchester. Luckily that means I can begin my holiday gorging/feasting a day early!!! I hope this won’t effect the flight-worthiness of my plane tomorrow, I’d like to think that even I can’t eat and drink so much that I can stop a plane from being able to lift off.

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Finland may not have won the Ice Hockey World Championship this year, but at least they put Angry Birds on their pucks.

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Jelly Sweets


Moomin jelly sweets, a natural part of a healthy diet (and no artificial flavours either)

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Bon Voyage

After many months spent counting down the days, it’s finally time for the Sock Mistress and I to go on holiday.  This time tomorrow we will be jetting off and leaving merry old England behind us.  There will be frolicking in Finland, hi-jinks in Helsinki and tomfoolery in Tampere… maybe.  The tickets are booked, the suitcases are packed and the portable electrical devices are charged to full.  All our currency has been changed into Euros (whilst it still retains marginally more value than Monopoly money) and somewhere on my Google task list is a rough idea of things to do whilst we are way.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s time to slip on the flip flops and a perhaps wear a slightly inappropriate hat.

The weather in England has been terrible of late, it has rained almost constantly for six or seven weeks.  Needless to say, the very day we touch down on foreign soil, a heatwave is predicted for the UK.  If I could control my ability to manipulate the weather like that I’d dress as Thor and call myself an Avenger… though in reality I’m more of a Steed/Peel man myself.  Not that any of that matters, since I’ll be too busy eating fish and butchering the language in Finland to worry about the weather back home.  Hopefully I can motivate myself to keep these holiday blogs daily, unless I over-do it on the salty liquorice liqueur…

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Finland, Finland, Finland

In a couple of months time I’ll be going on holiday to Finland, and not for the first time. Despite what the Pythons had to say about it, I’d choose Helsinki over any Belgian city without having to think twice. I’ve never managed to get to grips with the Finnish language, being barely able to order coffee and thank someone for it. However, luckily most people there are at least tri-lingual so I never have to go without my cup of Wayne’s (only the airports have Starbucks there). The sushi is always good and the daylight hours are long, when I’ll be there anyway, so I’m looking forward to my trip back up North.

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