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Three Corners Has My Monster

This weekend I made a little purple monster using the ‘Harry’ pattern and a few modifications. He’s got dark orange buttons for eyes and a wedge of felt for a mouth. He’s triangular, which makes him look a bit like on of the Mr. Men, but he’s certainly going to be a good buddy for Bo. Already they’ve been posing together on the back of the sofa. This latest monster is called Pascal, a name given to him by The Sock Mistress. I think the name suits him very well. I’ll make another monster using the ‘Harry’ pattern, then I’ll try something different. I’ve already drawn out the template for my next beastie, so it shouldn’t take me too long.

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Totally ‘armless

I’ve finished my first monster using the ‘Harry’ pattern and I’ve decided to call him Bo. There’s a joke in there somewhere… He’s bright orange and I made him using some of the more colourful felt I bought recently. I almost have him square buttons for eyes, but in the end I could settle for any that seemed quite right. He’s got a mouth that’s off to one side, which I think gives him a bit more personality. He’s got stumpy legs and no arms, but that never stopped Pac Man, did it? I was pleased with my stitching this time, which was quite tidy and I didn’t burst his seams by over stuffing him either. I’m going to try making a few more ‘Harry’ monsters ‘cos they’re easy to do and they should all get on well with each other.

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Harry and Chums

Thumbing through my patterns, I’ve found a very simple one for a character called “Harry.” It’s pretty flexible so I should be able to make a few different versions. I’ve got my Moleskine notebook with me, so I can do some doodles before I pick a particular design. I’ve got an idea to make a little family of these, so I’m looking forward to this project. I might need to get some more felt squares because the ones I’ve got are more ‘Autumn’ colours and I think these should be much brighter.

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