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Gamer’s Paradise

Being a self-confessed nerd I’ve been wanting to visit the Helsinki Computer and Games Console museum for quite some time, but hadn’t got around to it until now. Tucked away above an electronics outlet, this began as a hobbyist’s collection and has grown into the archive that it is now. It feels a bit odd seeing items that I remember buying when they were brand new, now turning up as exhibits in glass cabinets, but here they are. Spread over two floors, the museum is still pretty small… in fact, it contains about as many old games consoles and computers as I have in my garage. However, that probably says more about me and my compulsive tech-hoarding over the years.

As well as old desktop computers, like the Amiga 1200 and the ZX Spectrum, there is an example of just about every major games console that’s been released, including the CDi and Atari Jaguar. Plenty have their controllers and accessories too, though I’m not sure which games machine had a plug-in grenade, or even how it was used – but there is one here. As well as all the exhibits, there are TV screens showing rolling commercials for things like the original NES, Super Mario breakfast cereal and the ‘1984’ Apple Macintosh advert.

I guess it’s odd to see these things on display 1) because they are from my life time, so they don’t seem old enough to be in a museum and 2) we usually throw away old electrical items (in a WEEE compliant manner of disposal, of course). For a geek like me though, it was an enjoyable trip down memory lane. I still wish I could unlock that cabinet and power up the Sega Dreamcast for another run through of Shenmue though…

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I’ve just started playing Zenonia on the 3DS, well the DSi version, downloaded via the Nintendo eShop. Since Nintendo don’t bother to put their own action RPGs on the eShop (Zelda, I’m looking at you – and emulated Gameboy Color games don’t really cut the mustard) then Zenonia is a good alternative.

The Korean text has been reasonably well translated, though some of the dialogue seems oddly structured. However, there’s nothing like the ‘All your bases are belong to us…’ of Megadrive days gone by. When setting out on a new quest though there is that perpetual dilemma faced by all Dungeoneers – which class to choose?

When I used to play Gauntlet, I’d usually be Questor the Elf, fastest character with the fastest shot. Unfortunately he also had the weakest armour. Here, my choices are Warrior, Paladin or Assassin – but at this stage I’m not sure how the classes differ. The main differences are aesthetic now, but could have huge consequences later in the game. I could cheat and check online, or I could take a chance and let the fickle finger of fate decide how my character will develop as his adventure unfolds.

I’m feeling lucky about this quest, so I’ll take a chance. Now where do I sign up to become an Assassin…?

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Catching ’em All

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting and fun day, not just because it’s a Friday, but because it’s the European release day of the two new Pokemon games : Black and White 2. Like fish fingers in custard, you either like this series or you don’t. It’s not really something that you go for in small doses. The novelty of these latest games is that they are sequels that follow on from the previous editions, instead of being set in a new region of the fictional Pokemon world with a new cast of characters. The games are repetitive to some and comfortably familiar to others – I am in that latter camp. I’m a sucker for grinding RPGs that steadily feed you a trickle of positive reinforcement and new features. Pokemon games are typified by this so I’ll be choosing Pokemon White 2 tomorrow since I went for the original White version last time around.

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Lost And Found

I almost lost my Nintendo 3DS this week when I left it behind on the train. Luckily a kind individual handed it in to the lost property department and I was reunited with my gaming gadget. I don’t know how many hours of gaming could have been lost, there are over 80 hours clocked up on Pokemon White alone. Plus the photos on the SD card would have been irreplaceable and due to Nintendo having a system locked eShop, none of my purchases could be redownloaded to a new 3DS unless I bought them again. Needless to say, my 3DS won’t be leaving the house any time soon and I’ll be paying a lot more attention when I pick up my belongings as I get off a train in future.

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Wii U For Me?

I’ve bought most of Nintendo’s video game consoles over the years, so I was very excited about the announcement yesterday detailing their plans for the European release of their latest device – the Wii U. Whilst I’m sure it will be a great system, I think I will wait until there are more games available before I shell out the £250ish it will cost for it. I’ve bought plenty of games consoles on their release day, from the DS and 3DS to the midnight launch of the Dreamcast I attended. However, like the N64 and the Gamecube (both great systems) I think I need to see some more AAA titles up and running before I take the plunge. The novel new controller will probably give rise to excellent new and inventive games, but until I can pick them up off the shelf, I’ll wait.

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Senseless Violence

I enjoy a violent video game or an action movie as much as the next person. Only yesterday, I was gunning down a digital army of the undead. I think it would have been physically impossible for one person the carry the amount of ammunition I emptied into wave after wave of brain eating zombies. Does that make me a violent person though? Does that mean that I’ve got a weapon wielding maniac tucked away in my psyche just waiting to be released? I think it’s unlikely, just as much as it is unlikely that there are going to be any invasions of skeletal monsters on the horizon. Maybe if I was put in the actual situation of fighting off a load of zombies I would be able to fall back on my Nintendo training. Years of aiming for head shots and making do with clipping a shoulder could pay off.

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Step By Step

Currently I am carrying three pedometers on me, counting every step I take – possibly every move I make but definitely not every breath I take. I’ve carried at least one with me for the last six or seven years, primarily to keep a rough tally of my activity levels (or rather, my inactivity levels)

I have a pedometer app in my phone, my Nokia Wellness Diary, into which I also make a note of my sleeping patterns and diet. This app has been in perpetual beta testing but IMHO this should be on the Nokia store right now with a version for Lumia phones soon after.

I also have a pedometer in my Nintendo 3DS. This converts steps into ‘coins’ that can be used to purchase extra content in games. StreetPass Quest 2 and Streetfighter 4 have used this feature and it is good way to access unlockable content to prolong the lifespan of games.

I also have a Nike+ pedometer which isn’t perpetually running, so I have to remember to activate it before I do any exercise. It’s attached to my shoe so in theory it should be the most accurate based on its position and the likelihood of registering my steps.

I’m sure there is some kind of psychological condition at the heart of this because most people don’t carry all these gadgets with them to measure how much they walk. Maybe it’s a way of turning mundane activities into a form of a game. That might explain why I find it all so entertaining.

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