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Unsurprisingly, a 60 year old railway carriage stood next to an open body of water is an inviting home for mosquitos and spiders to move into. Nobody seems to have taken the time to explain to them that this spot has been claimed by humans and they need to shift themselves down the shore to another place.

Generally speaking the spiders have the decency to stay smaller than the ones Doctor Who fought in the Jon Pertwee years. They haven’t demonstrated any psychic powers or plans for world domination either, so I reckon we can make this week work.

There is an old British Rail map of the network on the wall here though and I did have to do a double take when I saw a spider the size of Dublin crawling across the Irish Sea. Thankfully he allowed me to assist him on his way through the exit (scooped up in a cup and shaken out of a window).

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507 Regenerations +1

The present series of Doctor Who has come to an end, leaving the audience hanging on until the 50th anniversary special in November. I’ve just about enjoyed the second half of this current run, but the 45 minute stand-alone episodes haven’t felt very… epic. Setting that right, The Name of the Doctor was the first episode to explicitly show previous Doctors interacting with the current cast (if you don’t count the Children in Need special with the 5th and 10th Doctors).

The story itself was just a prelude to the dramatic final scene when The Doctor and Clara wade into The Big Blue Squiggle of Doom and meet John Hurt, the long lost incarnation of our favourite timelord. I’m really looking forward to the conclusion of this story, even if it will be the Who equivalent of a STTNG Holodeck episode.

Whatever happens, whatever is revealed, after an hour(ish) of thrills and Time War flashbacks, the end of the story will conclude with The Doctor and Clara stepping out of The Big Blue Squiggle and everything will be in place for the Xmas special. Doctor Who always works better during those dark, Winter evenings anyway, so I can’t wait!

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From the Vaults

Since I’ve been a bit quiet on my blog lately, I thought I’d post a few older Sock Monster pics that I’ve never got around to posting online.


This is Knipknap, the two headed Sock Monster.


This is Poppy, who has googlie eyes and lives in Wales.


This Sock Monster fell through one of the cracks in the universe from Dr Who.

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