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The Wild Frontier

I go through phases of filling up my iPod with audiobooks, then tunes and then back to books again. Plus there’s always a steady selection of podcast to keep me up to date with pro wrestling results, geek news and Friday Night Comedy from the BBC. At the moment my iPod is full of tunes, including the long awaited single ‘Cool Zombie’ from Adam Ant. Adam was the first pop star that caught my imagination, he had the music, the image, the style – the total package.

I managed to stay spoiler-free despite snippets of the song floating around the Internet for a while. Having now heard the full song I’m really pleased with what Mr. Ant has produced. Needless to say, the track isn’t what I was expecting; this isn’t ‘The Return of Prince Charming’ and doesn’t echo much of Adam’s previous music. It’s 2 parts bluegrass with a healthy dash of Bob Dylan in the mix.

It’s good to see Adam in such strong health as well. I also like the bespectacled steampunk Napoleon look that he’s showing off too.  As always he’s mixture of the old and the new, the classic and the current. Like he said in a line from his solo single ‘Room at the Top’ he’s “…made in England, born and bred, an 18th century brain in a 21st century head.”

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None So Deaf

I like to cycle and I also like to listen to music through my headphones. I have NEVER understood people that do both at the same time. Riding a bike through busy city streets is dangerous enough as it is, so why anyone would want to numb their senses and shut out all warning sounds around them – I just don’t know. Seeing those white stringy headphone cables trailing out from the sides of a cycle helmet just makes my blood boil. As a cyclist, I have little patience for fellow bike users who don’t think the Highway Code applies to them. This is just sheer stupidity though! How badly to you need to listen to some tunes or the latest podcast? Badly enough so that you can’t hear an oncoming bus or a car that’s pulled out right behind you? Madness!

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Paying Up Front

I got the new Marillion album, ‘Sounds That Can’t Be Made’ in the post this weekend. The long lived British prog rockers have been using a Kickstarter style model of pre-payment for their music for many years now. As with their previous CDs, I’ve bought them based on the knowledge of a title, a rough release window and the assumption that it will be something like the stuff they’ve put out before. They usually put a bundle of goodies with these early bird purchases, such as hard backed art books, extra discs and the names of the pre-purchasing fans in the album sleeve. Not every band can make this work and having a huge fan base first clearly helps. For them they get to avoid a lot of pressure from their record label, but maybe they end up under even more pressure from the fans to put out material that will be well received.

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Way back in the late 90s I used to be inseparable from my portable Minidisc player. Before mp3 players became popular, this was the best way to carry around crystal clear digital music with you. The range of albums available to buy was never as wide as CD was so I copied my albums over onto blank Minidiscs, but this was an easy compromise for someone raised on C90 tapes.

The Minidisc trumped everything else on the market because it was an excellent portable recording device as well as being a great player. I used mine to record concerts, study notes, drunk friends at parties – all in perfect digital sound. After many years of service, my Minidisc eventually wore out. I bought a second player which had some of the additional features Sony brought along towards the end of its lifetime. NetMD was a poor competitor to Apple’s new iPods and so unfortunately the Minidisc went the way of Betamax.

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Top of the Pops

Over the last few years I’ve realised that I listen to an awful lot less music than I used to. Certainly a lot less new music. I still listen to the radio but I’ve gradually shifted across the airwaves to BBC Radio 4, which is mostly spoken word rather than music.

I buy a lot of radio plays and audiobooks which fill my iPod, plus I subscribe about twenty or so different podcasts as well. I have previously listened to music as a way of relaxing and these days I find the sound of discussion or a story will do that better.

Sometimes I find myself picking up on an old album or I dig out the back catalogue of an existing artist. Streaming services like Last.FM are good for this and it allows me to sample sounds that I perhaps couldn’t motive myself to purchase on CD or download. My earphones are still getting plenty of use, just in a different way to how they used to be.

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Time for a Gong

I didn’t watch The Brit Awards this year, in fact it’s several years since I watched the coverage on TV. Maybe I’ve now got to that age where popular music just washes over me, because it’s not aimed at me any more? Maybe I’ve just got cynical about industry award shows and inter-celebrity back patting? Maybe there’s just something more interesting over on BBC4?

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