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One More Time


As the holiday draws to a close, today has been spent visiting anywhere that’s been missed out or places worth a second look. Lunch was taken in Helsinki’s fabulous old market and took the form of thick, hearty soup with crusty bread.

Rather than tire our already weary feet, we got a day travel ticket and did a few laps of the city centre by tram. This ticket is also valid on the Suomenlinna ferry, so we went back there and had cakes at Cafe Piper, which just about overlooks the sea.

On the way home I indulged myself and tried a Hesburger for the first time. It’s basically a knock-off of a Big Mac, but these burger bars are all over the place here, so I was a little curious. Walking in and seeing a man wearing half of his salad in his beard startled me, but I persisted. Just like it’s American cousin, after eating my Hesburger, I was hungry again in 5 minutes time.

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Count, Dook. Ooh?

Over the weekend I finished my third ‘Harry’ monster. He’s a green, wedge shape with big Popeye arms and little stumpy legs. His eyes are pale green buttons and his mouth is a square of felt. His name is Dook and he looks a little bit like Dan Dare’s nemesis The Mekon. Not sure this monster is hell bent on galactic domination, but I’ll keep an eye on him just in case. I popped down to the market today to pick up some skin coloured felt for when I start my Punch and Judy set. Since there wil be more people than monsters I think I’ll need plenty of it.

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Don’t Go Over the Edge

I’ve now drawn and cut out all the felt pieces I need to make my tree shaped man. I made myself some templates out of paper and pinned them to the felt first. Normally I’m a bit more slapdash, but since I’ve not used this pattern before I thought I’d resist the urge to do everything freehand. I traced round the templates with chalk, then cut them out (being careful not to go over the edges) and luckily I didn’t have any mishaps. I still haven’t found any fruit shaped buttons but I might have a look around the local market later today and see what I can find.

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