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More Fuzzy Faces

Here are a few more felt based monsters that haven’t had the chance to show their fuzzy faces online.


Squidgey the Poo – self explanatory really…


Bo – who is square and orange.  Very orange.


Pascal – My monster has 3 corners, 3 corners has my monster.

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Tony the Toe Sock

I was given a pair of bright, stripy toe-socks the other day by someone at work.  I’m not normally a fan of toe socks myself, since I have big toes they never fit properly.  However, these socks were never destined to be worn, they had a far higher purpose – to be sock monsters.  I wanted to be quite economical and make a whole monster out of each sock, even though most of the books I’ve read recommend that the toes alone be kept to make mohawks or wings.  As such I took the basic pattern that I made Hoth with and with a few modifications, I was able to make Tony.  He’s very evenly proportioned, even though he does have one eye larger than the other.  His mouth is cut from felt, which gives him a similar expression to Pascal, Dook and Bo.  I’ve still got the other sock spare, so my next trick will probably be to create a one-sock pattern that looks similar but not identical to Tony.

Tony the Toe Sock

Tony the Toe Sock

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Three Corners Has My Monster

This weekend I made a little purple monster using the ‘Harry’ pattern and a few modifications. He’s got dark orange buttons for eyes and a wedge of felt for a mouth. He’s triangular, which makes him look a bit like on of the Mr. Men, but he’s certainly going to be a good buddy for Bo. Already they’ve been posing together on the back of the sofa. This latest monster is called Pascal, a name given to him by The Sock Mistress. I think the name suits him very well. I’ll make another monster using the ‘Harry’ pattern, then I’ll try something different. I’ve already drawn out the template for my next beastie, so it shouldn’t take me too long.

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