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Still Forceful

I’m looking forward to the new Star Wars movies. Unlike some folks, I don’t feel that there was anything tragic about the three prequels that were released. I’ve sat through far worse movies and even if you don’t like the stories, you can’t beat the fabulous soundtracks!

Whether the new films and their spin offs will appease dyed in the wool fans of the original series, only time will tell. A new cast and new writers should ensure that, at the very least, the next few years will provide us with some exciting, sci-fi blockbusters. Oh, and lots and lots of promotional merchandise.

I remember when Return of the Jedi was released at the cinema. It was a long time before I saw it on the big screen, but I avidly collected a book full of stickers until I had my own account of the movie. It was the first sticker album I completed – even though I didn’t immediately realise they were self adhesive stickers, so I glued the first half of the album into the pages. Still, you live and learn…

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If the gossip in the recent geek media is to be believed, the new owners of the Star Wars franchise are planning a series of spin off films, each focusing on individual character from the saga. I don’t see this as being a bad thing, though some fans are worried that this could dilute the impact of Episodes VII – IX if quality control is thrown out of the airlock hatch.

A movie set around the goings on in and around Jabba’s palace could be good. Maybe something following young Han Solo as he rises through the ranks of the Empire until he has his Copernican revelation and hooks up with the Wookie. As longs as the movies with Roman numerals in the titles are as good as they can be, then I’m fine with as many side-stories as Disney want to knock out.

I still wonder who will be placed as the lead villain in these forthcoming episodes. Maul is dead, Tyranus is dead, Sidious is dead and Vader saw the light. The only other Sith that we’ve had named on screen within a canonical film is Plagueis. Y’know, the one who was studying how to survive death and to use The Force to become immortal… I know Sidious said he had killed Plagueis, but we thought Obi Wan was gone at first and he became more powerful than we could possibly imagine.

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Feeling The Force

When I first heard the announcement that Disney were buying Lucasfilm I didn’t take the news well. I feel uncomfortable seeing Captain America in the Disney Store next to Goofy since Marvel joined The House of Mouse. However, on reflection, it’s not like the Star Wars franchise hasn’t produced its fair share of merchandise cash-ins. Look out for those ‘Mickey dressed as Indiana Jones’ dolls…

I was born in the same year that A New Hope was released and so I have grown up with the Star Wars movies. I remember seeing Empire Strikes Back on VHS and collecting Return of the Jedi stickers when Episode VI arrived on the cinema. I had the official Star Wars screensaver on my 386 PC (back when you paid for screensavers on discs in stores). If you let the screensaver roll for an hour the scroller text changed to give a message from George Lucas that outlined the prequel trilogy.

I actually like Phantom, Clones and Sith. The SFX are aging rapidly and the dialogue is weak, but they are fun movies. George Lucas personally took a lot of flack for these but they spawned the Clone Wars series which is well worth any Sci Fi fan’s time. However, I can understand why he would be tired of these characters after all these years.

If the franchise had stayed with George Lucas, there would never be an Episode VII – the man has clearly lost his passion for the movies. Return of the Jedi will get its follow-up in 2015 and Disney have promised VIII and IX will soon follow. There is even talk of more films after those – remakes? Caravan of Courage II? Who knows? What loose ends need to be tied up now that *SPOILER ALERT* Luke has defeat his father and Anakin has brought balance to The Force by ending Palpatine’s Empire? The answers aren’t far, far away.

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Robots And Lemmings

The weather was much brighter this morning, which was nice as (according to the news) the rest of the country had been washed away after heavy rainfall. Culture was the keyword today – with The McManus art gallery and The Dundee Science Centre being the main attractions on the agenda. The gallery was excellent, in particular I geeked out at the section dedicated to the Scottish gaming industry with Lemmings and the original Grand Theft Auto featured in the display. The McManus gallery also has a fabulous cafe with great soups and sandwiches to refuel weary tourists.


The Dundee Science Centre is ideal for kids and big kids like me. They’re showing a special exhibition on robots at the moment, which I really enjoyed.


The theme is specifically robots – the fantasy and the reality. Next to Iron Man (technically not a robot) and The Terminator are interactive exhibits designed to show you a bit about how robots in the real world think and act.


Aside from the robot exhibition, there are also lots of interactive displays that show you how the human brain processes and stores information – apparently I know approximately 38,000 words but still can’t tell which of two strangers feels superior to the other from just their body language. Every day’s a school day, or so they say…

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A Galaxy Far, Far Away


Sometimes, on a cold morning, the moon can be seen in the pale blue sky. Even if I’m just watering plants or pegging out washing to dry – I look up and feel a little bit like Luke Skywalker, gazing at the twin suns of Tatooine as they watch over him.

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The Force is Strong

It doesn’t seem old enough to justify being re-released, but sure enough, Star Wars Episode 1 : The Phantom Menace is back on the big screen in 3D. Despite popular wisdom saying that this film is worse than the great plague, I don’t take that view. I don’t think that Episode 1 is any less enjoyable than Episode 6. In fact I may even drag myself to the cinema to see this, despite not having set foot into an actual cinema for years. Cheap Blu Rays and expensive popcorn are amongst my reasons for staying away but the main one is other cinema-goers.

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