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Wandering About

As the week has progressed, the weather has improved and today we decided to try going for a walk around the nearby area. There used to be a pub, but that’s closed though there is a local store that sells groceries and Puzzler books. Aside from that, you’ve probably got an hour or so to walk to the next place you could buy a cup of tea and a biscuit.

I’d printed a few recommended walking routes from the Internet but they didn’t particularly resemble anything that looked like where we were. Half a mile trekking in the wrong direction got us nowhere, so we doubled back and found a nice woodland area that hid a picnic table in a small clearing. This was much more like the kind of thing I was hoping to find, so once sandwiches had been eaten and tree-dwelling birds had been photographed, our spirits were on the rise again.

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I’ve Got The Power

Apart from an early morning shower, the weather improved greatly today. Even the clouds were kind enough to part and let some shafts of sunlight through. As such, we decided to go on an excursion and visit the nearby hydroelectric power station. Yes, that’s right. The power station. A flyer in the carriage said that going to the visitor’s centre would be like stepping into a James Bond film set, so how could we miss out?

The Falls of Cruachan sound like a lost Sherlock Holmes novel, but in fact it’s the next station down from Loch Awe and only ten minutes away by rail. The power station is then a short walk away and uses water from the loch to generate electricity during times of peak demand. A hollowed out mountain houses the pumps and pipes with a huge dammed reservoir on top.

Being driven the best part of a mile underground to get to the visitor’s centre was very exciting. Seeing the massive turbines being operated by boiler suited men in hard hats did give the place 007-villain vibes. After the tour, there was just enough time left for a raid of the gift shop before the return train was due. It may not be a typical tourist spot, perhaps, but it’s definitely one worth stopping off at.

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Unsurprisingly, a 60 year old railway carriage stood next to an open body of water is an inviting home for mosquitos and spiders to move into. Nobody seems to have taken the time to explain to them that this spot has been claimed by humans and they need to shift themselves down the shore to another place.

Generally speaking the spiders have the decency to stay smaller than the ones Doctor Who fought in the Jon Pertwee years. They haven’t demonstrated any psychic powers or plans for world domination either, so I reckon we can make this week work.

There is an old British Rail map of the network on the wall here though and I did have to do a double take when I saw a spider the size of Dublin crawling across the Irish Sea. Thankfully he allowed me to assist him on his way through the exit (scooped up in a cup and shaken out of a window).

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Rainy Days

Today we woke up to torrential rain. Funnily enough, 1950s rail carriages are quite cosy when the weather outside is horrible. A quick breakfast of eggs on toast fuelled us up before we braved the elements.

Luckily the train from our (almost) private station arrived on time and we were soon whisked away to the costal town of Oban. The skies cleared a little and the afternoon dried up, allowing us to get on with shopping and eating – all the important things in life! Now if only there wasn’t such a long wait for the train back home.

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The Key Master

After almost a day of travelling, we reached our home-from-home for the week, a converted 1950s British Rail carriage. Located by Loch Awe, the longest freshwater loch in Scotland (apparently) this is a fairly remote place to stay, though there are pockets of civilisation around and the next town is just a short distance away.

The caretaker who was supposed to be waiting here with the keys had a flat tyre so couldn’t make it on time. Luckily, the local store keep a spare set so I was able to collect those. Unfortunately I put the wrong key into the main door and bent it in the lock. Thankfully a very kind chap from the store was able to get the key back out without breaking the door. My grumpiness lifted immediately as the holiday could begin properly!

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