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Holy Jeans Batman

My jeans have a hole in the lining of the pocket. This is a particular nuisance as that means anything I put in there ends up rolling down my right leg and bouncing off my foot onto the floor. This somewhat defeats the object of having pockets, since they exist in order to let you carry things in them. For this rare occasion I’ll have to do some sewing for practical purposes and not just monster making, which is the second most likely reason for me to reach for my needles. I don’t mind so much, in fact I’m quite glad that I can do more than reattach a button, which in itself is beyond most people these days. At least I won’t have to worry about untidy stitching, nobody will see my handiwork on the inside of a pocket. I guess I’ll have to make a mental note not to carry loose change around in there from now on.

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Episode IV : Annoying Holes



This is a better picture of Hoth; his feet turned out a bit shorter than I expected and his arms are a little longer, but that’s what makes him unique.  I found another hole in the back of his arm, which I stitched up.  Luckily that wasn’t because of my needlework, it was just a piece of the fabric that had worn thin from use (this is an old sock remember).  The stuffing peeped out of a few gaps in his seams that I didn’t notice until later, so there’s been some more corrective surgery to do.  I don’t think this was due to overfilling him, so maybe next time I’ll make my stitches a bit smaller.  The button eyes are very large for his face, giving him a “Gollum” expression but I quite like that. I  guess it’s a sign of the times that I had to go and buy an assorted bag of old buttons,  I always remember my mum having plenty of them tucked away in her sewing box, just in case.  Hoth’s downturned mouth probably makes him look a little glum, but that’s soon going to change as I’ve picked the next pattern to work on now.

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Episode III : Reversing the Stitch

It's alive!

It's Alive!

Well, it’s at times like this that it’s worth having a few sore fingers.  I’ve made my first Sock Monster and his name is Hoth, after the planet in Empire Strikes back.  His balaclava has more than a passing resemblance to  hats/helmets worn at the beginning of the movie.  I struggled with some of the assembly instructions, particularly when making the ears, but overall I’m pleasantly surprised with just how well he’s turned out.  I think all my Sock Monsters are going to be tall and thin, because of my big feet (size 13) but it’ll give them a bit of family resemblance at least.  I reckon my stitching will even hold up to a spin in the washing machine too.  I’ve really caught the bug now, so I don’t think it will be long before Hoth has a friend or two.

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