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Live On Stage

Spring is on its way and the sun is finally coming out more, even though it isn’t warm enough to go outside with no coat on yet. Yesterday the Sock Mistress and I were in town shopping when we overheard someone playing ‘I do like to be beside the seaside,’ over a crackling loudspeaker. Despite the squealing feedback, the tune was unmistakable. This immediately struck me as odd because the beach is miles away so it was strange music to be playing in the middle of a city. Upon closer investigation, it turned out that the sound was coming from a familiar looking, brightly coloured tent. It was, of course, a Punch and Judy man. It’s very rare to see a live Punch and Judy show around this neck of the woods, but it was very exciting to stumble across one. It was early in the day, so the audience wasn’t huge, but it did show that people are still drawn by the pull of Old Red Nose. I took some photos and I’ll use them as reference material for my own Punch and Judy set.

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The Cast

I’ve been doing a bit of reading around the subject lately to see how many characters will be in my Punch and Judy set. I’ve broken them down into the following categories 1. The Family (Punch, Judy and The Baby) 2. Friends of The Family (Joey the Clown, Scaramouche and Pretty Polly) 3. The Authorities (The Policeman, The Doctor and The Hangman) 4. Animals (Toby the Dog, Hector the Horse and The Crocodile) and 5. The Supernatural (The Ghost and The Devil). There are the characters that interest me the most and are the ones that I think will be fun to make. Since there are quite a few of them this should keep me occupied for some time though it might be tricky to make each one unique whilst looking like a related set. I’ll just have to see how it goes, but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless.

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The Way To Do It

i’ve been doing some preliminary doodles in my sketch book for the first character in my Punch and Judy set; Mr. Punch himself. I’ve started with the same pattern I used for Mr. Skelly but it’s going to need quite a few modifications. I’ll need seperate pieces for the body, the head, the chin and the nose. The clothes and any other additional features will be applied last. I’ve got some skin coloured felt for his face and chin, but I’m in two minds as to how red to make his nose. I have some deep pink felt that’s red-ish like a nose but not red like his clothes. I think this would be more effective than just using the same tone as the rest of his face. Maybe when I start cutting out shapes it’ll seem clearer to me.

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Count, Dook. Ooh?

Over the weekend I finished my third ‘Harry’ monster. He’s a green, wedge shape with big Popeye arms and little stumpy legs. His eyes are pale green buttons and his mouth is a square of felt. His name is Dook and he looks a little bit like Dan Dare’s nemesis The Mekon. Not sure this monster is hell bent on galactic domination, but I’ll keep an eye on him just in case. I popped down to the market today to pick up some skin coloured felt for when I start my Punch and Judy set. Since there wil be more people than monsters I think I’ll need plenty of it.

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Doodle Bug

I’ve taken my notepad and pencil out with me today, so I’m going to do some sketching and work on a few designs for my Punch and Judy set. I’ll start with the main characters, Mr. P and his wife, Toby the Dog, The Policeman etc. If things go well, I’ll branch out into the characters that often get missed out from modern versions of the story like The Hangman and The Devil. There should be plenty of scope for experimentation and elaboration, so I’m looking forward to it. I’m still going to make one more ‘Harry’ monster – I’ve cut out a template, I just need to cut out the shape from a felt square next. Not sure what colour to use, but if the last two were bright orange and purple, then perhaps a green monster would round off the group nicely? A bit like The Hulk joining The Avengers…

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Punching Judy

For a while, I’ve been thinking about making myself a Punch and Judy set. I’m in two minds as to whether to try making them as puppets or simply as decorative dolls. It’d make a change from my usual monsters, but I think I’d enjoy giving each character their own personality through their features and clothes – they would still have buttons for eyes though. That’s essential!

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