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Senseless Violence

I enjoy a violent video game or an action movie as much as the next person. Only yesterday, I was gunning down a digital army of the undead. I think it would have been physically impossible for one person the carry the amount of ammunition I emptied into wave after wave of brain eating zombies. Does that make me a violent person though? Does that mean that I’ve got a weapon wielding maniac tucked away in my psyche just waiting to be released? I think it’s unlikely, just as much as it is unlikely that there are going to be any invasions of skeletal monsters on the horizon. Maybe if I was put in the actual situation of fighting off a load of zombies I would be able to fall back on my Nintendo training. Years of aiming for head shots and making do with clipping a shoulder could pay off.

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When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth. Or at the very least they’ll stagger around in shopping malls. The living dead have featured in sci fi and horror since their voodoo inspired origins and there isn’t a comic book superhero who hasn’t had to face them.

Zombies are such a popular monster for story writers because they tap into so many primal fears. They are hard to kill, they cannot be reasoned with and they turn you into one of them. They also smell quiet bad too by all accounts.

There seems to be some debate as to how one creates a zombie, whether it’s dark science or witchcraft. There is also some disagreement around whether or not they can run or merely shuffle. For sure though; they bite and they go pop when you shoot them in the brain (but then, who doesn’t?)

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