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Wii U For Me?

I’ve bought most of Nintendo’s video game consoles over the years, so I was very excited about the announcement yesterday detailing their plans for the European release of their latest device – the Wii U. Whilst I’m sure it will be a great system, I think I will wait until there are more games available before I shell out the £250ish it will cost for it. I’ve bought plenty of games consoles on their release day, from the DS and 3DS to the midnight launch of the Dreamcast I attended. However, like the N64 and the Gamecube (both great systems) I think I need to see some more AAA titles up and running before I take the plunge. The novel new controller will probably give rise to excellent new and inventive games, but until I can pick them up off the shelf, I’ll wait.

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E3 2012

I’ve been following this year’s E3 coverage with a little less enthusiasm than previous years. Most of my gaming is done on my 3DS these days because it’s just not practical to be glued to the TV so my preferred console has to travel with me.

The only next generation console I’m likely to buy is the Wii U because I’ve got too many peripherals and Wii games already to jump to a new format. The new controller looks like fun, hopefully it wit have a better battery life than the AA hungry Wii remotes.

Since I don’t expect any of the new titles shown at E3 to land in Europe until Xmas or even later, I’m not hugely excited about the half finished demos that have been shown. For now I’ll stick with the games I’ve got and I’ll look up from my screen in a few month’s time.

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