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Sixth Time’s a Charm

I watched Doctor Who on TV religiously as a child. As a consequence this means that I’m more familiar with Colin Baker than Tom Baker, but it hasn’t stopped me from venturing backwards and forwards along The Doctor’s timeline over the years. It was a shame that Colin wasn’t willing/able to film his regeneration scene at the time, so I’m glad to hear that Big Finish will be producing an audio adventure in order to fill in the gaps leading up to Sylvester McCoy grasping the reins.

I don’t mind that it’s taken so long for this retrospective bit of story telling to be told. After all, I waited patiently to see Paul McGann become John Hurt so long gaps between points of continuity aren’t exactly new to the world of this time travelling face changer.

The Big Finish stories provide very high quality fan service, creating long story arcs and a focus on minutia that a 45 minute, prime time TV show isn’t really geared up for. Nowadays the personality of the grumpy Peter Capaldi isn’t all that different from the brash, arrogant Sixth Doctor but hopefully the show will keep it’s mainstream appeal. However, when I want to geek-out for a few hours, I can always pop my headphones on.

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New TV

This week I watched the opening episodes of two new TV shows, the DC Comics adaptation ‘Arrow’ and the Sherlock Holmes reimagining ‘Elementary.’ It’s not that I’m short of stuff to watch these days, nor have suddenly got any extra time to spend in front of the gogglebox. However, the trailers looked pretty interesting so I thought I’d give them a whirl.

Arrow is based on the Green Arrow comic books and will be familiar to anyone who has seen a Batman movie. A millionaire playboy takes on an alter-ego in order to fight injustice and generally kick it about the arse. I enjoyed this and hopefully the series will keep up the pace of episode one.

Elementary takes the story of Holmes and Watson but relocate it to modern day America. Coming hot on the heels of the recent BBC retelling, this will struggle to find its own identity. Holmes is twitchy and Watson is world-weary but only time will tell if any chemistry develops between them.

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Red Cape, Blue Tights

I’ve never been a huge fan of DC Comics in general, but in particular I’ve always found their lead character Superman to be especially uninspiring. In recent years, Superman has been eclipsed in the popular media by Batman, partly due to the successful movie franchise and partly because he’s a more complex and therefore interesting character. I don’t think Batman succeeds because the audience empathises with him, that’s something that creates Spider Man’s appeal. More people can relate to Peter Parker’s plucky underdog persona than Batman as a revenge driven vigilante or the invincible Christ figure that is Superman.

With yet another comic adaptation waiting in the wings in the form of Man of Steel, I have to wonder what story is left to tell that needs to be digitised and projected onto the silver screen? I think the reason Mr. Kent has never caught on with me is that you always know the ending with a Superman story – one way or another, he will prevail, it’s just a question of how many bystanders will be caught up along the way. They’re the only ones at risk from the villain of the week in every issue, Clark can’t be stopped (even death didn’t defeat him) so I find it hard to get excited when there’s no sense of peril and nothing for our hero to strive against. Maybe if he wasn’t as super, like in the old TV show when he couldn’t even fly, the spate of ever taller buildings being constructed might make it harder for him to leap over them in a single bound.

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