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Sixth Time’s a Charm

I watched Doctor Who on TV religiously as a child. As a consequence this means that I’m more familiar with Colin Baker than Tom Baker, but it hasn’t stopped me from venturing backwards and forwards along The Doctor’s timeline over the years. It was a shame that Colin wasn’t willing/able to film his regeneration scene at the time, so I’m glad to hear that Big Finish will be producing an audio adventure in order to fill in the gaps leading up to Sylvester McCoy grasping the reins.

I don’t mind that it’s taken so long for this retrospective bit of story telling to be told. After all, I waited patiently to see Paul McGann become John Hurt so long gaps between points of continuity aren’t exactly new to the world of this time travelling face changer.

The Big Finish stories provide very high quality fan service, creating long story arcs and a focus on minutia that a 45 minute, prime time TV show isn’t really geared up for. Nowadays the personality of the grumpy Peter Capaldi isn’t all that different from the brash, arrogant Sixth Doctor but hopefully the show will keep it’s mainstream appeal. However, when I want to geek-out for a few hours, I can always pop my headphones on.

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Reverse The Polarity

As we hurtle into the 50th year of Doctor Who, excitement levels amongst geeks like me are high and the expectancy for something special is even higher. The second half of the current series returned to British screens 3 weeks ago and I’m still waiting to see that something special arrive.

‘The Bells of St. John’ was the comeback episode and the idea that people could be beamed up into their WiFi connections struck me as something thought up by a writer who had never used a computer before. Maybe I found it hard to swallow as a tech geek, more than the sci fi nerd in me should have.

‘The Rings of Akhaten’ was hard to pronounce but looked better, with dozens of new alien races featured. Where it fell down for me was the reliance on the power of positive thinking to save the day. I’ve had my share of pseudo science and technobabble from The Doctor over the years, but it was particularly unconvincing for me here.

Last weekend we had ‘Cold War’ which saw the return of The Ice Warriors, well… an Ice Warrior really. It had many of the right components – dark corridors to run down, locals who are strangely accepting of blue boxes that appear out of thin air etc. Maybe I was spoilt by the previous Matt Smith episodes that were bridged together by a longer overarching story. Maybe the origin of his assistant isn’t compelling enough for me. Maybe I want to know the answer to the question, Doctor who?’ Maybe I’m still waiting to find out why and when the Tardis explodes.

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When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth. Or at the very least they’ll stagger around in shopping malls. The living dead have featured in sci fi and horror since their voodoo inspired origins and there isn’t a comic book superhero who hasn’t had to face them.

Zombies are such a popular monster for story writers because they tap into so many primal fears. They are hard to kill, they cannot be reasoned with and they turn you into one of them. They also smell quiet bad too by all accounts.

There seems to be some debate as to how one creates a zombie, whether it’s dark science or witchcraft. There is also some disagreement around whether or not they can run or merely shuffle. For sure though; they bite and they go pop when you shoot them in the brain (but then, who doesn’t?)

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