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Sorted Hats

I’ve been working my way through the Harry Potter series of books over the last year or so. Finally I’ve begun “Deathly Hallows,” so the end is in sight. It’s almost a shame that there is so little left. At first I was reading these books out of curiosity, then somewhere in the middle it was out of a sense of obligation (I’d started… so I was duty bound to finish).

Now that the films have all been shown on TV many times, my brain is fast forwarding to the conclusion because I’ve seen what’s going to happen so often. Not to worry though, I can put my reading-brain into a lower gear and force those images to the dark corners add the back. The place where I hide things that don’t need to be seen again.

Heading been to a Catholic school, the witches and wizards of Hogwarts aren’t a million miles away from the nuns and monks that I remember. As for their dusty books of ancient magic and mumbo-jumbo, well… they speak for themselves. However, for now I’ll see Harry and his chums to the end of their adventures and then the next story, of another band of heroes, will come calling.

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Christmas Reading

As Christmas rolls ever nearer and the holiday break readies itself to kick in, I need to set myself a reading list to fill out my down-time (in between all that mince pie eating and merry making). At the moment I’m about 80% of the way through Lee Child’s third Jack Reacher book ‘Tripwire.’ It’s a good story, but brute force and vigilante justice don’t really shout out ‘festive spirit’ to me.

I could re-visit ‘The Silmarillion.’ which I go back to every few years, but having only just seen the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies I don’t really feel a strong urge to retread the path to Middle Earth just yet. A good biography might be enjoyable and people as different as Sir Roger Moore and Sammy Hagar have life stories that appeal to me. I’ve also had my eye on David Law’s ’22 Days in May’ for a while as well.

I will probably make my third visit to Hogworts this year and download ‘Prisoner of Azkaban.’ I’m also rereading Stephen King’s Dark Tower series for the squillionth time and ‘Song of Suzannah’ is calling to me from some distant level of The Tower. If I go back enough times, one day I believe that final chapter of the final book will end differently…

However, all these rich and fabulous fantasy worlds may end up waiting in line behind some good gruesome fun like Tonia Brown’s ‘Badass Zombie Roadtrip,’ so you never know… What is most unlikely is that I’ll end up reading a book about Christmas at Christmas, although saying that, last year I really enjoyed reading through a Kindle compilation of The Queen’s Christmas speeches. They’re a fascinating thermometer reading of British history across the years.

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Comic Books (The Year So Far)

Since using Comixology to get my comics digitally, I’ve found myself experimenting with titles I wouldn’t normally pick up off the shelf. I’ve also been dipping into books that I’ve missed first time round. With that in mind, there are my top 3 most enjoyed comics of this year (in no particular order).

The Stuff of Legend

Fabulous fantasy tale set during WWII. A small boy is kidnapped and taken to the dark world that lies beyond the back of his cupboard. His toys set off on a quest to rescue him. Gorgeous artwork, worth reading before Disney turn it into Toy Story 4.

Strikeforce Morituri

I read the first 6 issues in the 80s then my local store stopped stocking it. In the near future aliens invade the earth and a Captain America style treatment is developed to give people super powers to fight the monsters. The catch; if you take the treatment, you only have a year to live. For those who are about to die, we salute you!


Pure fan service! Doctor Who appears onboard the USS Enterprise D, just as The Borg and The Cybermen form an alliance. True to all the characters involved and the 5th Doctor gets to meet Kirk. Great fun!

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