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Step By Step

Currently I am carrying three pedometers on me, counting every step I take – possibly every move I make but definitely not every breath I take. I’ve carried at least one with me for the last six or seven years, primarily to keep a rough tally of my activity levels (or rather, my inactivity levels)

I have a pedometer app in my phone, my Nokia Wellness Diary, into which I also make a note of my sleeping patterns and diet. This app has been in perpetual beta testing but IMHO this should be on the Nokia store right now with a version for Lumia phones soon after.

I also have a pedometer in my Nintendo 3DS. This converts steps into ‘coins’ that can be used to purchase extra content in games. StreetPass Quest 2 and Streetfighter 4 have used this feature and it is good way to access unlockable content to prolong the lifespan of games.

I also have a Nike+ pedometer which isn’t perpetually running, so I have to remember to activate it before I do any exercise. It’s attached to my shoe so in theory it should be the most accurate based on its position and the likelihood of registering my steps.

I’m sure there is some kind of psychological condition at the heart of this because most people don’t carry all these gadgets with them to measure how much they walk. Maybe it’s a way of turning mundane activities into a form of a game. That might explain why I find it all so entertaining.

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For the last four or five years now I’ve been carrying a pedometer around with me. It’s not that I spend my time jogging or running, it’s just a handy way to keep track on my general activity levels. If I find that I’m dropping below 10000 steps in a day for more than a couple of days in a row, then I know that I need to get out and about more. I’m sure that a good chunk of my daily steps are cloaked up by going to the photocopier and back at work, but it’s only a loose rule of thumb rather than being an exact science.

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