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2012 – 2013

Another year over, another Doctor Who Christmas special out of the way. Probably not everybody’s chosen milestone for the passage of time but it’s as good as any really. I liked everything about this year’s festive episode, from Richard E. Grant’s villain to the potato-comedy from Strax. Love the new/old style TARDIS interior though I would have liked Matt Smith to wink in the opening credits like McCoy used to.

I’m the same as most people in that I’ll head into the new year with optimism. There will be more good than bad in 2013, despite what the television news says. The year will be filled with scientific discoveries, the success of human ingenuity and the occasional tribulation that we can all bounce back from as a collective. All we need to do is make it happen!

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Time Marches On

I’m older than I’ve ever been… and now I’m even older… and now I’m older still. In general, getting older is rubbish. Every Winter brings a new lingering ache or pain that wasn’t there before, but will do its best to slow you down and get in your way. The rain feels wetter, the wind feels colder and the long, dark nights arrive quicker than they seemed to the year before.

Saying that though, I do enjoy watching the seasons change, as the leaves turn from green to brown and a bright, washed out sun shines from the pale Winter sky. October brings Halloween, November has Guy Fawkes’ Night and December has Christmas, which leads us to January and New Year’s Day. So whilst the nights might have got longer and darker, there is plenty still to celebrate.

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Normally I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, but I thought I’d write a few down this time and see if I manage to stick to any of them. No.1) As with most of the Western hemisphere, I too will intend to do more and eat less over the next 12 months. No.2) I’m going to try not to take up more new hobbies than I have time to support. No.3) An end to impulse buying, so Amazon’s One-Click Purchasing will be switched off. No.4) Knit more. I have my loom, needles and hooks – I have no excuses. No.5) Enjoy the garden! I’ve got a greenhouse and hopefully I can grow some green thumbs this year. None of these require too much self discipline, so I’m (fairly) optimistic I can keep these.

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