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Hawaiian Rollercoaster

I like Disney movies, I think its fair to say. As I grew up I loved the characters, the colours, the music and the adventures that typified the output from the House of Mouse. At some point between then and now my tastes became a little more sophisticated and I lost touch with those movies and the stories they told.

To be fair, they are children’s tales, made predominantly for them and those that usher them into cinemas, or buy DVD discs for them to watch at home. As I’ve got older, I’ve recently found myself gravitating back towards the family friendly films from Disney. Maybe because I don’t always want to be presented with some dark, impenetrable art-house flick, maybe because life is tiring and I just want to be sure of a singsong and a happy ending.

Lilo and Stitch is one of my favourite movies, as well as coincidentally being a Disney movie. It has lots of the anarchic slapstick humour that I used to love in Tom and Jerry cartoons. It also tells a really good story about how it can take a while to figure out where you fit into the world around you. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve watched and re-watched it, and to be honest, I don’t think I was ever keeping score.

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Feeling The Force

When I first heard the announcement that Disney were buying Lucasfilm I didn’t take the news well. I feel uncomfortable seeing Captain America in the Disney Store next to Goofy since Marvel joined The House of Mouse. However, on reflection, it’s not like the Star Wars franchise hasn’t produced its fair share of merchandise cash-ins. Look out for those ‘Mickey dressed as Indiana Jones’ dolls…

I was born in the same year that A New Hope was released and so I have grown up with the Star Wars movies. I remember seeing Empire Strikes Back on VHS and collecting Return of the Jedi stickers when Episode VI arrived on the cinema. I had the official Star Wars screensaver on my 386 PC (back when you paid for screensavers on discs in stores). If you let the screensaver roll for an hour the scroller text changed to give a message from George Lucas that outlined the prequel trilogy.

I actually like Phantom, Clones and Sith. The SFX are aging rapidly and the dialogue is weak, but they are fun movies. George Lucas personally took a lot of flack for these but they spawned the Clone Wars series which is well worth any Sci Fi fan’s time. However, I can understand why he would be tired of these characters after all these years.

If the franchise had stayed with George Lucas, there would never be an Episode VII – the man has clearly lost his passion for the movies. Return of the Jedi will get its follow-up in 2015 and Disney have promised VIII and IX will soon follow. There is even talk of more films after those – remakes? Caravan of Courage II? Who knows? What loose ends need to be tied up now that *SPOILER ALERT* Luke has defeat his father and Anakin has brought balance to The Force by ending Palpatine’s Empire? The answers aren’t far, far away.

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