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Gamer’s Paradise

Being a self-confessed nerd I’ve been wanting to visit the Helsinki Computer and Games Console museum for quite some time, but hadn’t got around to it until now. Tucked away above an electronics outlet, this began as a hobbyist’s collection and has grown into the archive that it is now. It feels a bit odd seeing items that I remember buying when they were brand new, now turning up as exhibits in glass cabinets, but here they are. Spread over two floors, the museum is still pretty small… in fact, it contains about as many old games consoles and computers as I have in my garage. However, that probably says more about me and my compulsive tech-hoarding over the years.

As well as old desktop computers, like the Amiga 1200 and the ZX Spectrum, there is an example of just about every major games console that’s been released, including the CDi and Atari Jaguar. Plenty have their controllers and accessories too, though I’m not sure which games machine had a plug-in grenade, or even how it was used – but there is one here. As well as all the exhibits, there are TV screens showing rolling commercials for things like the original NES, Super Mario breakfast cereal and the ‘1984’ Apple Macintosh advert.

I guess it’s odd to see these things on display 1) because they are from my life time, so they don’t seem old enough to be in a museum and 2) we usually throw away old electrical items (in a WEEE compliant manner of disposal, of course). For a geek like me though, it was an enjoyable trip down memory lane. I still wish I could unlock that cabinet and power up the Sega Dreamcast for another run through of Shenmue though…

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Pointing Out

I recently picked up the Director’s Cut of the “point and click” adventure game Broken Sword from the Google Play 25p sale. I say ‘picked up’ as if it were a physical shop selling physical things, but of course that’s just a figure of speech. I used to play “point and click” games on my old Amiga 500 and my first PC, a lowly 386 that chugged along under the power of MS DOS. The Monkey Island games were amongst my favourites, though the puzzles were sometimes a bit random. They were genuinely funny and the dialogue still stands up to this day. These also exist as ‘Special Editions’ within my Steam account. Beneath A Steel Sky was another classic, which I recently rediscovered via my Raspberry Pi and an emulator. Maybe one day Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis will get converted to Android or 3DS and I’ll be a happy bunny.

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Oh no!

Back in the 90s I used to have an Amiga 500 computer, without a hard drive but I had 2 floppy drives to cut down on all that disk swapping. There were some excellent games available for the system, plus a thriving scene for tech and music demos.

One of the games that ate up a lot of my time was Lemmings (and its many sequels). The tiny characters spilled out from one end of the screen and your objective was to save them from being squished, burnt or drowned before they reached the other side of the screen.

The music was a mix of traditional and Christmas midi tunes which should have been unbearable but at the time was difficult to get out of your head. Later games in the series lost their simplicity and charm but the climbers, builders and diggers of the original were always the best.

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