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App Happy

When I first got my Android tablet I was pleasantly surprised by the huge number of Apps available on the Google Play store. Like a lot of people probably do, I quickly set to work trying to fill up my SD card with games and applications. The games on touch screen devices are best when they don’t attempt to replicate joystick controls. However, the Kairosoft series of ‘story’ games in particular have kept my attention.

Aside from the games, I also downloaded a bundle of supposedly time-saving organisational or note taking apps, but a lot of them turned out to be quite poor. All my notes live on MS OneNote now which happily syncs with my laptop version. The Android SkyDrive app could look nicer, but it also works well for my cloud storage needs.

For the most part the apps I regularly use are the ones that allow me to shop on the go (Amazon, eBay) or access my music (Amazon Cloud Player, Last.FM). After the last few updates the WordPress app is also a great one for me and the bog standard Twitter app rounds off my social networking needs. Aside from those, the many thousands of apps available are more than I’ll ever need.

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Normally I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, but I thought I’d write a few down this time and see if I manage to stick to any of them. No.1) As with most of the Western hemisphere, I too will intend to do more and eat less over the next 12 months. No.2) I’m going to try not to take up more new hobbies than I have time to support. No.3) An end to impulse buying, so Amazon’s One-Click Purchasing will be switched off. No.4) Knit more. I have my loom, needles and hooks – I have no excuses. No.5) Enjoy the garden! I’ve got a greenhouse and hopefully I can grow some green thumbs this year. None of these require too much self discipline, so I’m (fairly) optimistic I can keep these.

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