No Holds Barred

HHH versus Brock Lesnar has been bubbling along for a while now and their meeting at Wrestlemania should mark the climax of what has been, for the PG rated WWE, a series of violent and bloody encounters. I’m sure somebody in the back office sees this as WWE vs. UFC so I expect to see HHH come out on top here, in retribution for the MMA promotion taking so many PPV buys and TV viewers aways from pro wrestling.

Adding a retirement stipulation to the fight is a bit of wasted effort on the part of the booking team. We all know that HHH is the son in law of the boss, so win, lose or draw – he won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. If anything it only serves to reinforce the likelihood of Brock taking the fall, the narrative almost insists on it.

I expect the semi-retired cage fighter and the semi-retired wrestler to knock seven shades out of each other and as long as the match is fairly short it should be entertaining. However, it does highlight just how much of the card’s top end is made up with older talent. Cena and Punk are well established, HHH, Rock, Brock and ‘Taker are significantly past their prime. Where will the next rising star come from?

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