Tooth Fairy

23 Aug
Now with added bite!

Now with added bite!

I’ve already got the body for my next monster cut out and stitched together.  This new creature will have big teeth, which have been made out of one of my few white socks.  I find shaping the mouth quite tricky, so adding fangs will probably be even trickier.  Oh well… fingers crossed and we’ll see how they turn out.  This monster is a bit smaller than Hoth an Otis as he’s only got little legs, but once he’s filled with stuffing he should take on a rounder shape as I’ve trimmed the length of the sock I used.  Each monster has a heart sewn onto him once he’s completed and has been given a name, but I’ve ran out of heart shaped buttons.  As luck would have it though, The Sock Mistress has found some candy coloured heart buttons on ebay, so that won’t be a problem.

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