Episode V : The Pinning Stitched Back

20 Aug


Hoth seems to be settling in nicely now, climbing over furniture and jumping out at people unexpectedly.  However, he needs someone to play with and work has commenced on my second sock monster.  I’ve gone for a matching colour scheme, with two brown socks that are just a bit old and baggy.  Cutting out the main body was much easier second time round and using a different pattern meant that with this one I didn’t have to shape seperate ears.  I do have more scraps of leftover material from cutting out the body parts.  Waste not, want not!  I’m sure they’ll come in hand later, so the larger ones are going back in the in sock bag.  Now I just need to attach all the limbs together, turn him inside out, fill him with fluff and make him a face.  That’s going to mean picking out another pair of buttons…

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