Episode IV : Annoying Holes

19 Aug


This is a better picture of Hoth; his feet turned out a bit shorter than I expected and his arms are a little longer, but that’s what makes him unique.  I found another hole in the back of his arm, which I stitched up.  Luckily that wasn’t because of my needlework, it was just a piece of the fabric that had worn thin from use (this is an old sock remember).  The stuffing peeped out of a few gaps in his seams that I didn’t notice until later, so there’s been some more corrective surgery to do.  I don’t think this was due to overfilling him, so maybe next time I’ll make my stitches a bit smaller.  The button eyes are very large for his face, giving him a “Gollum” expression but I quite like that. I  guess it’s a sign of the times that I had to go and buy an assorted bag of old buttons,  I always remember my mum having plenty of them tucked away in her sewing box, just in case.  Hoth’s downturned mouth probably makes him look a little glum, but that’s soon going to change as I’ve picked the next pattern to work on now.

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