Episode II : Tacking Old Clothes

17 Aug
Tools of the trade

Tools of the trade

Now that I’ve got a selection of buttons, some good scissors and a half-decent backstitch at my disposal, I’m ready to do some monster making.  I’ve had a good rummage through my sock drawer and found an alarming number of old socks which are either worn thin, stretched out of shape or orphans (one of a pair).  Actually thinking about it, should they be callled orphans or divorcees?  I digress…  For me, socks are a consumable item and it seems certain that sooner rather than later I’ll wear out one of a pair and end up buying yet more of the things.  The other thing that’s certain is that I’ll put these orphans/divorcees back in my sock drawer which is very handy for me now as it gives me plenty of material to work with.  In future I’m going to have buy more coloured and patterned socks, otherwise all my future sock monsters will be either black, blue or 100 wash grey.

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