Episode I : The Finnish Message

16 Aug
The Bible

The Bible

Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to have a fantastic holiday in Helsinki and whilst there I stumbled across a little book store called Hobboks.  Though I didn’t treat myself to a coffee in their tiny cafe, I did buy a wonderful book called “Stupid Sock Creatures,” by artist and genius John Murphy.  I thoroughly recommend buying this book as it is full of patterns for making weird, wacky and wonderful creatures out of old socks (or new ones if you like, but that would be against the re-use/recycle ethos of the enterprise).  It’s a long time since I did any sewing, probably not since I had to put an Iron Maiden patch on my old denim jacket, but now that I’ve stocked up on darning needles and polyester thread, I’m ready to make some sock monsters of my own.

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